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8 Ideas for Turning Your New House into a Safe and Cozy Oasis

By Eric Jeanette | September 28, 2021

Many people think they can buy a new house and just start calling it home right away. For a space to turn into something safe and cozy oasis, you need to put in some effort. You want your house to be your safe haven from all the stress, so you need to work towards making it secure and relaxing. Need some help in that department? Here are some simple tricks to keep in mind:

Consider your personal style

You might love to keep up with interior design trends, but make sure to still create a house that fits your personal style. Your home should be a reflection of who you are, not a rip-off of a house from a magazine. Design rules are made to be broken, so if you want to adopt one thing and ditch the other, feel free to experiment. As long as you manage to infuse your house with a genuine and unique energy, you and your guests will love every single nook and cranny.

Begin with safety systems

Before you start decorating, you need to ensure your home is completely safe and comfortable. A great way to start your journey towards safety is to install security cameras and alarms in your home and around outdoor areas to keep intruders out and secure your growing family. Proofing your windows and doors against burglars is also a great idea that is pretty cheap. If you’ve just moved into a new house, change the locks and install landscape lighting with motion sensors.

Insure your house

Accidents around the house happen and so do natural disasters, both of which can seriously damage your house. To keep it safe from disasters, fires and burglaries, make sure to invest in comprehensive home insurance that covers fire damage, theft, hail damage, extreme storms, earthquakes and vandalism. This will not only make you feel safer in your house but also ensure your bank stays intact in case of a disaster.

Let the light in

A cozy and safe home is well-lit, especially with natural light that has mood-boosting properties. If you can, rearrange your furniture to let as much natural light in as possible (move big pieces away from windows and place mirrors to disperse light around the space). When the sun sets, you will need some artificial lighting. It’s best to opt for functional and elegant lamps that provide good light layering options and pleasant illumination. These are also suitable for small spaces so you can shed light on those dark nooks and crannies.

Choose the right colors

When you have all the technical things out of the way, you can start tackling decoration. If you want to make a big difference, grab some paint and change the color palette of your house. Choose a palette that creates a welcoming and inviting vibe. When choosing between neutral and bold hues, listen to your heart, but make sure to create a good balance. To add some depth, layers and interest to the space, rely on different textures and patterns.

Encourage communication

When your color scheme is set, you can start adding details that will further boost comfort and relaxation. Unless you live alone, you will want to create a space that invites conversation and easy cohabitation. For instance, a beautiful dining room with practical lighting and comfy seating will allow you to entertain and show off your culinary skills. A nicely staged coffee table surrounded with sofas and armchairs will encourage chatting and relaxing. And don’t forget to introduce a practical outdoor seating set for summer evening parties!

Fill it with life

If you want to improve livability and health in your home, welcome one or two potted plants inside. There are practical low-maintenance ones that require minimal sunlight, care, water and attention yet provide you with green pops of color and fresh oxygen. Embracing nature is very healthy, especially when we’re all shut-in and isolated like now, so adding even a touch of outdoors to the mix will boost your mood and keep you healthy and sane.  A few stylish planters are all you need for a lively, natural and green vibe.


If you just moved in, you probably brought a lot of things that don’t fit your new home with you. All of these things are standing between you and a home that’s comfortable, safe and attractive. Make sure to get rid of all the clutter that’s crowding your space and your mind. Make it a habit to spend an hour every week cleaning clutter by adopting the ‘less is more’ mindset. When you manage to declutter, you will feel less stressed and filled with positive energy. Plus, your home will always be ready for guests and nice snaps for Instagram!

Only a space that’s safe, comfortable and personalized can be called a home. With these tips above, you will achieve all of that and more and create a space you can be proud to call your own!

About the author – Eric Jeanette started as a Realtor in 1993 and eventually transitioned to lending. His companies Dream Home Financing and FHA Lenders provide mortgage information and education to consumers. They also provide those same consumers with a free lender match service through a network of lenders for conventional, FHA/government, subprime, self-employed and many other niche loan programs.
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