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5 Reasons why property investors should be more interested in interior design

By Mike Wheatley | December 14, 2019

An increasingly dominant role within the property market is that of the interior designer. This is true across the entire real estate landscape, from building a successful career in design to joining teams of investors and developers. 

Any experience in interior design is likely to to be warmly welcomed by the real estate sector. The power to unite buyers with their dream home or business with the perfect premises is a power that’s highly regarded by all those involved in property investment. Or at least, it should be. Here’s why.

Professional interior designers are well placed to assist both real estate investment groups and individual investors. They might be in the market to buy, renovate sell or finance properties in order to make a return.  

Through their ability to identify unique features and artistic visionary skills that enable them to envision potential alterations in spatial design; interior designers are better equipped to present multiple visions of a property to multiple clients. This is the very practice of real estate interior design.

  1. Bump up the value 

Having a professional interior designer on your side as a property investor will generate bigger returns on investment. 

Interior designers do much more than simply decorate internal spaces. They have unparalleled insight into what increases and decreases the value of a property. Allow them to use their expertise to improve the functionality of a home, for example. They know when it’s best to take on major renovation projects just as remodelling kitchens and bathrooms, demolishing walls and building extensions. 

They can also identify which architectural elements should be enhanced and which should be introduced in order to get you the biggest bang for your buck. Timing is also crucial in the real estate market. A large part of a designers job is to stay on top of all trends and current styles that will appeal the most to buyers. 

2. Better resources

Chances are, a highly regarded professional interior designer will be able to hook you up with all the must-have resources needed for any design project. They will know precisely where to go to find durable and sustainable design materials. They will also know how to use them efficiently, once again, saving time and money. 

Their exclusive access and connections to resources that investors simply don’t have is an unrivalled reason to get an interior designer on your team. Through years of cultivating longstanding relationships with manufacturers, suppliers, showrooms and furniture designers, interior designers have access to the latest resources at relatively lower costs. 

3. Cost Effective Value

As mentioned in the previous two points, interior designers can lower costs in multiple areas. From built and maintained connections to the appropriate and efficient use of materials. Whilst most investors will be more inclined to decorate interiors using mass-produced furniture to keep costs down, this process can lead to driving value down.

Interior designers will know exactly how to strike the perfect cost-effective balance between personalisation and low costs. 

4. Meaningful connections 

Property investors can have all the connections and links in the world when it comes to identifying prospective investment opportunities. Mostly, they’re quite good at it. But when it comes to the design world, their contact list is incomparable to that of the interior designer. 

For every aspect of the design process, there is a specific person or people who can help. whether its matters of scalability, questions of psychology, the individual character of the space or dominant artists and designers of the time, a good interior designer will have the contacts.

5. The eyes of the buyer

Investors left to their own design-devices tend to decorate homes according to their own personal tastes. Without giving appropriate regard to that of potential buyers, the entire investment lacks prospect. 

Professional interior designers know all too well the purpose and goal of design are to fulfil the needs of those who will reside in the space. They will be trained and have experience in creating beautiful personal, timeless and tasteful interiors that are incomparable to the design capabilities of the investor.

To enhance any real estate investment venture, the interior designer can help to guarantee the property stands out from the crowd whilst appealing to a diverse group of homebuyers.

Mike Wheatley is the senior editor at Realty Biz News. Got a real estate related news article you wish to share, contact Mike at [email protected].
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    1. Indeed, investing in interior design is the best way to increase property value and
      incresa a chance to acquire new clients. That a niche that is ignored by lot's of agents.

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