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Creating a Memorable Entryway with Victorian Brackets

By Patty White | July 30, 2013

Adding a unique, personal touch to your exterior or interior entryway is a great option for making your home stand out. Using architectural details, like Victorian Brackets, makes it possible for homeowners to express their personalities and to emphasize the best qualities of their homes.


photo credit: *Tom* via photopin cc

Victorian Brackets

For homes with a more classic feel, especially those which are truly Victorian, installing Victorian Brackets is one of the best and easiest ways to add style and flare to your home's exterior. These brackets are intricately carved and constructed, triangular brackets that are normally placed on the upper corners of covered porches, sometimes butting up to the house itself. The most classic application of Victorian Brackets will be using them on the exterior of the home. What is really fun about these pieces, is that the classic look calls for bold and bright colors. Homeowners should really experiment with using greens, pinks, purples, and any other colors they love. Match the colors to the landscaping in the front yard to really make the colors pop.

Another fun and interesting idea is to use these brackets on the interior entryway of your home. This will work very well for homes with a vintage feel, eclectic style, and likely not in classically restored Victorian homes. For homeowners who love adding funky and interesting pieces, adding these beautifully detailed wooden brackets painted in bright colors can really add style. Especially for those with eclectic or bolder style, painting these in patterns or in hot colors like orange, red, or neon shades can add a much needed zest to the home-front. This is a great project for the creative types.

Victorian Brackets can also be used to secure small, wall-mounted shelves. The same way a wall-mounted shelf might be doubly secured with metal brackets, these beautiful pieces are perfect for adding style to the shelves in a home. Because the brackets are so detailed, it looks best to use beveled edges on the shelf toppers. Glass shelves can be another great option. For a more classic look, homeowners can stain the wood on both the brackets and shelf with the same colors, or paint them with the same color or colors. If the shelves are placed in an entryway, they can serve as a beautiful tie-in between exterior and interior elements.


Exterior Brackets - Be sure to use exterior paint, and attach the brackets with long, exterior screws.

Interior screws will rust away - leaving them insecure and possibly ruining your paint job!

Interior Brackets - Carefully place the brackets, so they are screwed into a beam in your wall. Also be sure to keep these high and don't allow anything to be hung from them.

Examples here: 

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