Designing the perfect games room for your home

Many guys fantasize about creating a games room in their home, but few actually get around to doing so due to a lack of space. But if you happen to have a spare bedroom or an unused basement, and love playing darts, pool, ping pong or video games, it’s easy to rework that space into that fantastic games room you’ve always dreamed about.


By creating a games room in your home you’ll have the perfect place to escape to and relax – a place where you can sink a few beers, chat with your buddies, shoot some pool, and maybe even win some real money playing online roulette games at sites like or elsewhere.

But how does one go about designing the perfect games room? Here’s a few tips:

Make the most out of the available space

Be sure to think first about how the space in your games room will be used. Be sure not to make the mistake of trying to pack too many games in! For example, most games tables require 3-4 feet of space around them so people can move freely while playing the game.

Get the lighting right

Proper lighting is an essential requirement for any good games room. No matter if its pool tables or ping pong tables, dart boards or something else, every game needs adequate lighting to ensure players can focus on their game. In addition, you’ll also need to provide adequate ambient lighting for the rest of the room.

Choose suitable furniture

If you’re especially into playing video games on the big screen, comfortable seating is a must. Go for a luxurious sofa, or else purchase a few specially designed ergonomic gaming chairs. Sound Egg chairs are not only extremely comfortable but also designed to provide an optimal audio experience, making them ideal for serious gamers. Another idea that’s useful for smaller spaces is to go for furnishings that can double as chairs. For example, stools and ottomans that can be easily moved around the room, are ideal as guests can simply pull them up wherever they want to sit. Or a big old wooden chest that can also be sat on (don’t forget cushions) or used as a table might be a bright idea.

The scoreboard

Serious gamers play to win and that means someone needs to keep score. So what better idea than to install a whiteboard or chalkboard on one of the walls.

Keep the noise down

Those late night gaming sessions can be noisy affairs, especially where kids or alcohol are involved. As such it makes sense to soundproof the room to keep the neighbors happy, which can be done in many ways. You can add insulation to the walls, build sound panels or upgrade the framing. Discuss with your contractor the most feasible options for your room.

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