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Destress by Creating a Cozy Corner in Your Home

By Anita Clark | December 29, 2022

Create a Cozy Corner in Your Home

Whether or not your home has a lot of space, everyone needs a cozy corner where they can go to read, scroll social media, or even watch television. A cozy corner is a personal retreat away from the rest of the household, allowing you to relax and get comfortable. You can make your corner look expensive while establishing a home budget depending on how you choose to decorate it - you can make your corner on the floor with pillows and blankets or use furniture. So if you have always wanted your own cozy space, you have come to the right place. Here is how to create a cozy corner in your home.

Tips for Creating a Cozy Corner in Your Home

Find a Corner to Fit Your Needs

Your cozy corner should replace an empty corner in the home. You should not have to move any furniture or change your home's interior design to make it work. Instead, you just need a space for it. You can choose to put your corner in your office, bedroom, living room, or anywhere else in your home you think would look good with a few blankets, pillows, and chairs. 

Accentuate with a Rug

A rug is a great way to soften the floor if you do not want to buy furniture. If you do not have carpet, hardwood flooring can be uncomfortable to sit on for long periods, so you should aim to get a comfortable rug that can offer you some support. Your rug will also keep your cozy corner space separate from the rest of the house to help you divide the space. When looking for a rug, consider the thickness to ensure it is comfortable enough. The thicker the rug, the better for your bum. 

Get Cushions

The rug will help cushion your body while you sit on the floor, but a cozy corner should be as cozy as possible, so you should have some additional cushions. You can use floor cushions or find unused cushions around your home. You can also use bean bag chairs or other types of furniture if you do not want to sit directly on the floor. 

Stack Pillows

Every cozy corner should have pillows so you can lean back and relax no matter what you are doing. Stack throw pillows and other pillows you have on -hand to give you something to lean on when you do not feel like sitting up. 

Grab Blankets

Your space needs a blanket you can snuggle up to! You can use blankets you already have around the home, including throw blankets, comforters, and quilts, or you can make your own blanket with custom photos and designs that are used only in your cozy corner. A photo blanket of your dog or children is a great way to make the space even more enjoyable. 

Try Furniture

Sometimes getting up after you have been on the floor for a long time is difficult, so if you have knee or back problems, having furniture in your cozy corner might make it more comfortable. You can use everything from Papasan chairs to accent chairs in your corner, as long as it is comfortable for you. If you plan on sharing the area with others, consider having at least two chairs and tons of sitting area on the floor with floor cushions and pillows. 

Bring a Dog Bed Into Your Cozy Corner

If you have a pet, they are going to love your cozy corner. You may even find your dog napping in your corner throughout the day, leaving you no space to yourself. Add a pet bed to the space if you want to keep pets out of your cozy corner while still spending time with them. Of course, they may not always want to use your bed, so you should make your cozy corner as large as possible to accommodate any pets that want to snuggle as you relax. 

Add Plants

Adding plants in your cozy corner can help brighten up the space, especially if it is in a naturally dark room without a ton of natural light. Try plants that do not need direct sunlight to thrive, and put them on a stool or a small table to keep them away from kids and pets who might knock them over. 

Add Over Time

When first starting to create the space, you should use only what you have already available in your home. However, over time, the more you use your corner, the more you will want to change it and add new comfort items. That being said, do not go overboard; it should not take up half of the living room unless that is something you want and it does not affect the function of the rest of the house. If you go overboard, you also run the risk of going over your budget and not having enough money for your necessities.

Still, depending on how much you use your cozy corner, you can add a few things over time, such as pillows, furniture, and even bookshelves. If you like to watch movies on your laptop in your corner, you can even add a surge protector so you can charge all of your electronics at once and spend the entire weekend in your corner if you want all the while saving energy in your own home.

Invite Loved Ones Into Your Cozy Corner

A cozy corner should be your personal escape, but you can also enjoy it with your loved ones, especially children and pets. Your children will love spending time in the cozy corner; if you make it comfortable enough, they can even spend naptime there. In addition, your cat or dog is going to love the area, especially the more comfortable you make it, so you should be willing to share some of your space with others since it may very well become the best feature of the house. 

If you do not want to share your cozy space and want to make it your retreat, consider keeping it in a room away from the family, such as the bedroom or an office. 

Cozy Corner Final Thoughts

Creating a cozy corner in your home is an affordable way to find a new place to relax that is not your bedroom. With a cozy corner, you can relax with your favorite book or enjoy your favorite show while wrapped in blankets. Of course, it is important to remember your nest should be shared if you keep it in a busy room, so you should expect children, pets, and your spouse to try to steal it away from you. 

Anita Clark is a Warner Robins Real Estate Agent helping buyers and sellers in middle Georgia with all of their home buying or selling needs.Whether she is selling new construction homes, assisting first-time buyers, or helping military relocating to Houston County, she always puts her customers needs first.
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