Is Your Agency Digital Savvy? Test Your Social IQ

Jeff Turner real estate expertSo you want to be the best at what you do? For real estate agents and brokers, there’s maybe no more crucial skill or tool set a professional can garner these days than real cutting edge social engagement. In case you ever wondered if the web would become more powerful than radio or TV, if the passing fad of social business would pass, your questions have already been answered.

From McDonald’s to Nike, Nikon to Lady Gaga, Facebook and Twitter, YouTube and even your lovely Zillow, a two way conversation between professionals and their clients is going on. Are you the last one standing when the music stops? Take the test below to get a hint as to where you stand. Digitally and business wise. If you are not sure, ask experts like Jeff Turner (pictured upper left), about how SM has helped them.

Now have some fun, if you dare!

Now wasn’t that fun? If you sensed a bit of discomfort, felt somehow the questions were too hard. Too easy. This is normal. Not many would figure out the test is loaded. You see… Well, we’ll wait and see how the answers go. BTW, you can develop your own cool tests like this, for your real estate engagement even, using ProProfs time tested Quiz Maker platform. The service is also good for training and other more academic and business purpose. For now tho, wait to see how pros answered those questions.

Any YES! Knowing about Lady Gaga IS a true gauge of your social IQ.