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Emerging Real Estate Trends in 2019

By Dean Signori | January 16, 2019

There is a lot of work when it comes to being competitive in the world of real estate. One way of having a competitive advantage would be to plan ahead and have expectations of what will be unleashed in the market. So if you are thinking real estate trends might pop up in 2019, look no further because you are in the right place.

Artificial Intelligence and Real Estate

Over the years significant changes have been witnessed in the real estate. Internet discovery and evolution is responsible for some of these advancements. Sellers and buyers have benefited whether it is by better avenues for marketing or listings published online.

Artificial Intelligence is a recent development in the technological world and its impact has been felt across several industries. In 2019 we look forward to seeing some noteworthy contributions of artificial intelligence to real estate and some of them are highlighted as follows.

Artificial intelligence will enable the seller to price property not just according to the market but also according to an individual’s income and even the qualities they look forward to seeing in their homes. 

This is given by the algorithmic technology that artificial technology uses and its ability to detect a range of variables.

Artificial intelligence can also be used to have personalized listings that buyers can see. This allows clients to receive recommendations on which their preferences are based.

Less time is taken to look for potential buyers and cuts on the costs involved in property searching.

Clients in 2019 and in the future will be able to experience their potential property virtually thanks to artificial intelligence. Imagine touring your property virtually by a simple click of your phone! 

Impact of Professional Photography

Seeing is believing. This saying stands true when we are talking real estate. In 2019 having aesthetic and appealing pictures on your real estate website will give you such an edge in the market.

It is true that numbers and graphs have monopolized the choices in the real estate world. However current generations that is the Millennials and even the Z-generation are attached to their digital devices and visual content is crucial.

The following data should help prove the point:

• About 60% of a client’s time is going to be spent on picture looking.

• You can increase the request price by 7% by having premium photography of property.

• Sale frequencies will increase by 32% if you incorporate great photography.

Decline in office construction

The decrease in 2019 is anticipated because of constantly rising construction costs, zoning hindrances, and problems facing cycle of real estate.

A source from a European construction report indicates that new office orders which takes up a third of the market have dropped to about 1.6 billion pounds which is half of what was the case in 2016.

This trend is expected to continue come 2019 and the following years.
Online business surge has also played a role in this expected decline. If you would like to get ahead of the trend there are various reports available like this European Construction Trends Report by Experian that forecasts new orders, output, renovation, repair and maintenance across sectors GDP, consumer spending & CPI population and households growth, labour market & interest rates, consumer earnings and consumption.

Other trends anticipated would be investment in more environmentally friendly real estate options by using sustainable material and safer landscaping options by use of a affordable remodeling strategy to renovate older homes to something spectacular that fits into the green space.

Social Media will also sway the real estate world in 2019 as the younger population is the key market focus in the coming years.

Surely, 2019 has a lot in store for us when it comes to Real Estate. Despite all these changes and others, we definitely look forward to more property owning and more versatile ideas for both the seller and the buyer.

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