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Facebook Is Now Testing Video Ads For Live Broadcasts

By Allison Halliday | August 2, 2016

According to an article in Tech, Facebook is now testing short video ads that will be played during Facebook live broadcast breaks.

Their introduction is probably not a surprise for anyone who follows Facebook’s various video products. These ads are extremely lucrative and a Live product that didn’t have any ads could lose the company a massive amount of potential ad revenue.

It’s not yet quite clear how these ads will work, as at the moment the company is just allowing a small group of publishers to insert a short ad break into Live videos. The ads will be able to appear after five minutes into a live stream and can last up to 15 seconds. Apparently Facebook has told advertisers that at the moment all ads during Live broadcasts will be taken from other promoted video campaigns that are already running on Facebook, but the Tech Crunch article points out that it’s very safe to assume that advertisers will soon have the ability to create custom ads to be shown during Live broadcasts.


The question remains how much control video publishers will have. It’s thought publishers will be able to control what category of advertisers will be able to show video during the stream and the ability to turn it off if a Live feed isn’t appropriate for an ad. For example this may be applicable during a particularly sensitive breaking news story.

When it comes to revenue, publishers aren’t able to receive a portion of the revenue generated from ads during their Live broadcasts during the test period, but this could change in the future depending on how Facebook decides to structure this product. It’s also not clear if publishers will be able to set a designated commercial break or if Facebook will randomly take over a Live stream with a 15 second ad. If publishers are able to set a designated commercial break that could potentially generate revenue, this may end up being an ad product liked by both content creators and publishers.

Photo Credit: geralt via pixabay

Allison Halliday is a Realty Biz News contributing writer. She handles International Real Estate and is a seasoned blogger.
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