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Five Easy Ways For A Real Estate Agent To Advertise Their Listing

By Jamie Richardson | June 21, 2018

A good real estate agent wants to go to as many lengths as possible to advertise their many listings. Anyone could begin to advertise their listings in a better way depending on what they plan to use. There are five methods posted here that anybody could use. The results could be amazing considering these are much more advanced and new ways to advertise.

1. Use Facebook

Facebook is a place where people tend to share more benign content, and the houses that you list as an agent will find their way to the pages of hundreds of people. You are posting in a more passive manner in these places because you might or might not get any comments, but you should see if you can get the listings out there to people who are of age and might actually want to buy one of these houses or share them with friends.

2. Use Tumblr

Tumblr is a place where you could list houses as part of a much larger profile where you are listing the video tours and pictures that people could share and comment on. This is a place where you could post a lot of media all at once because people would go through and share all the things that they love. You could use Tumblr because you want to reach a younger audience, and it might make sense for you to use Tumblr when you want to post a lot of media without seeming annoying.

3. Use Real Estate Listing Sites

The real estate listing sites are not just random listings that people put on there. You could see a lot of things posted there that seem to be anonymous, but agents tend to post on these sites because they need to have more traffic. This is the place where you will put all the best information, and you could put all your regular contact information there without any trouble. This is one of the simplest ways for you to post houses, and you could easily get connected with other agents who might be selling in the same area.

4. Use Craigslist

Craigslist was originally used to post condo sales in big cities, and that is where they make most of their money. People go to these places all the time just to find something that might be good for them, and you could make a post that would get a lot of traffic because people can easily get with you. This means that you could post here just to perhaps find renters, or you could post because you are offering good deals.

5. Local Magazines

You really should consider posting in the local magazines because you could maybe get a couple listings posted cheaply with nice pictures. This is a very easy way for you to post your listings and get people to respond to them. Anything that you do in local magazines usually catches passive shoppers who might contact you.

You could easily post in all the places that are listed below, and you must be certain that you have posted in as many of them as you can. You could have a very big presence as a real estate agent, and all these forums are either free or very cheap.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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