Follow These 10 Steps To Save Your Home From Foreclosure

If you are worried about keeping up with your house payments, you may be stressed, overwhelmed, depressed, or just plain tired. You’re scared. But it’s important to act quickly to find solutions. Keep in mind you can’t save a home you’ve already lost.

You might be one of the millions of at-risk Americans with a subprime adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) whose interest rates will reset to much higher percentages later this year, or you may be a prime borrower who took out a different type of nontraditional mortgage. You may even be up-to-date on your conventional mortgage but worried about company layoffs and mounting expenses.

But whatever it is you’re worried about, know that the odds for avoiding foreclosure are improving. There are new tools for refinancing, the government is promising solutions, and some lenders have voluntarily agreed to freeze interest rates on certain mortgages.

The following infographic from presents ten steps you can follow to dig yourself out of this mess and avoid the nightmare of foreclosing on your home:


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