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Four Signs That It's Time to Upgrade Your Real Estate Office

By Mike Wheatley | June 28, 2016

An office should perfectly accommodate the business that calls it home. It should be a place in which employees feel inspired to work and clients feel comfortable and welcome when they come in for appointments. It should be a place with plenty of space for the business to grow and evolve but not so much that there is wasted space. It should have a design that reflects your brand identity—whether your business is rustic and traditional or modern and cutting edge. In short, you should be able to dream up your ideal office, draw it on paper, and have that illustration look almost exactly like the space you occupy.

Sometimes, though, businesses outgrow their offices. That outgrowing might be literal as you expand to such a degree that your old office space can no longer accommodate all of your employees. It could also be more metaphorical. For instance, as your business grows from a small startup to a more established brand, you might outgrow a modest office and trade it for something that carries a bit more prestige.

If your business has outgrown an old office space—either literally or figuratively—you generally have two options. The first option is to start looking for other office spaces nearby with the aim of completely moving shop to a new location. The second option is to keep your current office space but to upgrade or expand it so that your business can continue growing in those familiar quarters. Here are four indicators that you might be nearing the point where an office upgrade is the smart decision.

1. Competitors have more impressive spaces: If you get the chance (and want to feel a bit like an espionage agent), try to stop by the offices of competing real estate agencies in your area. Alternatively, you can check their websites or social media profiles for photographs. Try to get a sense for what the "standard" is for décor and design in the industry, then compare your space to what you find. If you feel like competitors have more impressive office spaces, then you might consider an office renovation to keep up. From the simple stuff (like interior commercial painting and replacing carpet) to more elaborate internal finishes (like new countertops, window treatments, wall coverings, or glass walls), there are many ways to transform your existing space into something a bit more beautiful and competitive.

2. Your tech infrastructure is obsolete: Office upgrades don't have to be all about aesthetically driven renovations. On the contrary, outdated tech infrastructure might be one of the top reasons that businesses are frequently updating their offices. Perhaps the problem is old computers or servers; maybe the infrastructure itself is the problem. Either way, if you are getting a quote for an office upgrade, it's a good idea to see if the company you are considering has data and telecommunications teams on hand. If you need a technology upgrade, it's a good idea to take care of the infrastructure improvements while you are carrying out other renovations.

3. The furniture is falling apart: Busted desk chairs that no longer have functional height adjustment mechanisms; waiting room chairs with tears in the upholstery; desks or conference room tables that are chipped or dented. These sights are common in office environments, and they can do a lot to hurt your company's image for visiting clients and customers. An office upgrade can be a great opportunity to donate all of that old furniture and invest in new sets of pristine tables, chairs, desks, and more.

4. Employees are complaining about discomfort: The dangers of sitting all day at a desk job have been widely covered in articles and news pieces over the past few years. One good thing about real estate is that many employees don’t spend the whole day at their desks, heading out into the field to show houses and meet with clients instead. Still, if employees are complaining about discomfort, pain, or fatigue due to their workspace area, then it might be time to plan for an office upgrade. The best office renovation and décor companies will be able to help you create a more ergonomic workplace—with anything from chairs that promote good posture to standing desks.

An office that looks or feels outdated is going to hurt employee morale, impair brand image, and scare away potential clients. Don't settle for less with your real estate agency. Instead, invest in an office upgrade and turn your headquarters into the kind of place where people want to work and where clients want to meet. A renovation, tech system upgrade, or interior décor makeover might be an investment, but it will pay off in numerous ways going forward.

Mike Wheatley is the senior editor at Realty Biz News. Got a real estate related news article you wish to share, contact Mike at [email protected].
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