Google to spend $13 billion on real estate in 2019

Internet giant Google has a growing appetite for real estate, and has pledged to spend some $13 billion this year on new data centers, officers and expansions of existing facilities.

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“With this new investment, Google will now have a home in 24 total states, including data centers in 13 communities,” wrote Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, in a blog post. “2019 marks the second year in a row we’ll be growing faster outside of the Bay Area than in it.”

The company said it’s planning to build and open new data centers in Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, and Texas this year, which will be its first presence in those states. In addition, the company also plans to double its existing workforce in Virginia, and expand its Hudson Square, New York City, campus.

According to Pichai, the new construction will create “tens of thousands of jobs” in the building industry in those states, and also in Oklahoma and South Carolina, where it also has data centers.

Google also wants to build new offices in Massachusetts and Texas, and add more space to existing offices in Georgia, Illinois, Washington state and Wisconsin. It will also redevelop two locations it’s currently using in Los Angeles and San Francisco, Pichai said.

The $13 billion Google is pledging to spend on real estate comes after it spend $9 billion on upgrading its facilities in 2018. Last year, it opened and expanding data center facilities in Alabama, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee and Virginia.

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