Here’s what gets content shared on social media

The key to any internet marketing strategy is the creation of shareable content that will reach far and wide via social media. The more your content is shared, the more prospects it reaches, and the higher it will rank in Google’s search engine results.

But what motivates other people to want to share your content? Writing in, Jayson DeMers relates a two-year old study from Firms Moz and BuzzSumo, which examined one million pieces of content to discover the science behind how it’s shared across the web.

The study found that videos, quizzes, and list-based articles were the most widely shared compared to other types of content. However, the length of content also matters – the study found that 85 percent of the content it reviewed contained 1,000 words or less. However, the 15 percent of content that had more than 1,000 words got far more shares and links, suggesting that more detailed posts may be more effective.

Still, writers should consider what they’re trying to achieve with their articles first. A separate study by researchers at UCLA identified three types of content that are more likely to be shared around the web. These include “utility” content that could be useful or helpful to readers, who may have a desire to share it to help their friends. “Entertainment” content can also motivate people to share it, if it makes them laugh or feel amused. Lastly, “Inspirational” content that aims to motivate people is also widely shared.

Lastly, don’t discount the element of surprise. When readers come across an article they didn’t expect, or something that taught them something totally new, it might cause them to share it. In addition, surprises are linked to better memory, which means readers are more likely to remember your brand name if your content manages to surprise them.

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