Highly Targeted Marketing + Attractive Incentives = Sales Success!!

If you’re tired of waiting for a real estate recovery…make one! Seems simple, but not very realistic, right? In truth, what the Georgia Club did to improve sales in its community is not feasible for everyone, but there are a number of communities across the country who could perhaps learn a few things from the Club’s experience.

The following advice maybe, might just possibly, lead to some sales success! © James Steidl - Fotolia.com

Things started to heat up in March for the gated Community when a membership drive effort landed 38 new members to the 27-hole semi-private golf club, while the developer simultaneously began construction on ten new, well priced homes starting at $270,000. What happened next in the popular college town shows how a bit of ingenuity can be the catalyst to something great. April saw five sales, which was quite an event considering that several years had seen little to no action in the marketplace. “I believe we are seeing the beginning of a real estate recovery,” says Tom Valdes, Sales Director for The Georgia Club, “ The Community draws three kinds of buyers to its doorstep, Valdes explains, “Retirees from Atlanta, Chicago, the Northeast, Carolinas and Florida come to enjoy Georgia’s lower cost of living and the Athens college town activities; University of Georgia graduates return to the area they love; and young families from Atlanta and North Georgia move to Oconee County to benefit from the state’s top rated schools.” “When introducing the new product, we were very careful to lower prices without compromising existing real estate values and standards within the community.” How do they attract buyers without negatively impacting surrounding communities? Incentives. Offering attractive benefits such as club memberships, golf carts and designer allowances. Located in a city which has been ranked, time after time, as one of the best places to retire, The Georgia Club offers amenities such as wide open parks and green spaces, classic Southern styled homes complete with front porches and back entry garages, pedestrian friendly sidewalks, a community clubhouse, resort pool, tennis courts and health center. In short, The Georgia Club offers lifestyle living at a very affordable price. Check out their website where you can view member testimonials. After witnessing the success that their marketing efforts has achieved for their community, perhaps you will be able to glean some ideas for your own!

Anita Cooper

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