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How Real Estate Agents Use social media with Content Marketing

By Anita Cooper | September 14, 2022

Did you know that 77% of realtors in the US actively use social media to run their businesses? You're missing out on a significant client base if you're not regularly using social media for your content marketing.

It's time to get comfortable using social media with your content marketing. Although it may seem overwhelming at first, you just need to know what to focus on in the beginning. Before you know it, you'll be taking your business to new heights.

Keep reading this guide to learn how to make content marketing and social media work for your real estate business.  

Find the Right Social Media Platforms

Your first step to social media marketing is understanding which platforms are best for real estate marketing content. So, before you begin, you'll need to decide what platforms to focus on.


Facebook is one of the most popular social networks, with 2.9 billion active users worldwide. This makes it a smart place to start your content marketing efforts.

Additionally, Facebook makes it easy for social media real estate marketers to create a lineup of listings right in the app. You can quickly add listings, interact with leads, or book calls from your Facebook page.

Next, you can add a FAQ section and direct your page visitors to Facebook messenger so that they can ask you a question directly. 

You can also run ads that target specific demographics of people who have recently searched for listings. Running ads will help you gain the necessary visibility to provide leverage for your content marketing campaign.


Instagram has approximately 1.4 billion users and is a great platform to share videos, virtual tours, and stunning images of the homes you're selling to make your visual content shine.

Remember, exterior pictures of a home only tell people so much. One idea you can try is taking your users on a neighborhood tour. You can take photos and videos of residential and commercial areas to give your viewers a feel of the overall character of the neighborhood.

Instagram is also a great place to post social proof of homes you've recently sold by sharing pictures of your recent sales, complete with sold signs.

Instagram is key to boosting your real estate PR campaign. So, you'll also want to focus on engaging with your users and building relationships. Don't be afraid to add a bit of humor to your real estate posts and spice things up by posting fun infographics or pictures of celebrity homes currently on the market. 

Share Educational Posts and Guides

Once you have traffic to your site, you'll also need to create compelling content that captures your audience's attention. You'll also need to commit to posting valuable content consistently to attract more followers and keep them. 

Make it easier on yourself by coming up with content ideas for the month, so you don't need to set aside time each day. Use social media automation tools Hootsuite or Zoho to publish and schedule content across your social media channels.

Create Useful Content

You'll want to focus your real estate content around blog posts, guides, and educational content. Your educational content should include studies, surveys, and statistics about the real estate industry.

You can also include facts on new home construction, mortgages, and the real estate market nationwide.

Educate Buyers and Sellers

Another area of focus for your social media content should be creating how-to guides for buyers. These guides can help prepare them for the home-buying process. You can share blog posts about credit preparation, choosing the best mortgage loans, and using a mortgage broker.

Don't forget to include tips for sellers as well. Discuss topics like home improvement, staging, and pricing.

Focus on the Neighborhood

It's also important to give potential buyers insight into the top local places to eat, shop, and unwind. Cover restaurants, bars, shops, and parks so they'll see the value of the community. Make sure to include information about local schools, government, and transportation. 

Focusing on local content gives you a huge boost on social media and shows people you're an expert at what you do.

Use Live Videos to Showcase Your Listings

Buyers love videos. In fact, 85% of buyers and sellers prefer working with agents who use videos regularly. Video marketing on social media combined with engaging content is a great way to sell homes quickly.

People need to see enough of a home to take the next steps. You can begin by creating video tours of the property layout. Make it into a slideshow or presentation and follow up with informational content.

You can also take advantage of the live video features of Facebook and Instagram by offering a live virtual tour. Showcase your newest and hottest properties and do a live question-and-answer session with your viewers.

You can also create educational videos that teach people how to stage homes or talk about renovation ideas and home tips.

Share Client Testimonials and Success Stories

Another huge benefit to real estate marketing content is sharing your success stories to connect more with your clients.

Positive reviews and testimonials build trust, and 84% of people trust online reviews the same way they would a personal recommendation.

So, use this to your advantage. Post a story about a recent client who just bought a new home. Talk about their home-buying journey in detail and include pictures. To boost your engagement even more, you can ask previous clients to create video testimonials.  

Creating Content Marketing and Social Media Strategies That Work

Now you have some ideas on how you can take your content marketing to a new level on social media, you can get to work on growing your real estate business.

Remember, content marketing and social media have many moving parts, and it often takes some trial and error to get where you need to be. Keep in mind that the doors you'll open and the new customers you'll reach will make it well worth the effort.

To stay on top of what's new in the real estate marketing industry, you can turn to Realty Biz News. We offer the latest social media, content marketing, and real estate tips to help you succeed!

Anita Cooper is a copy and content writer with a vendetta against bad copy. She helps real estate tech companies grow their pipeline by providing lead gen copy and content.

Have world real estate news to share?If you do and would like to interview, feel free to contact Anita at [email protected].
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