Hilton hotels to launch “connected room” experience next year

Hilton Hotels & Resorts has unveiled its vision of the future of hotel experiences, with the launch of the “connected room”, a new feature set to become available at its properties in Dallas, Memphis and Washington D.C. by next year.

Connected rooms in those hotels will be enabled by the launch of a new mobile application, called Hilton Honors, which guests can use to control the room’s lights, heating, cooling and other in-built electronics, the Memphis Business Journal reported.

All guests have to do is download the app on their mobile devices and then use it as a remote control for everything in their room. Guests can even personalize the room’s décor by, for example, uploading their own photos to the digital screens in their connected room.

Users can also save their favorite settings in the app, so that when they next come to stay at the hotel – or another Hilton hotel – they can automatically enable the same specifications for things like heating and lighting the moment they arrive.

With a Bluetooth connection allowing other devices to easily join the “connected room” system, Hilton is confident they’re future-proofing for whatever new tech gadgets or systems come their way.

“The next 10 innovations coming down the road, we’ll be able to push that much quicker,” said VP of brand and guest technology Josh Weiss to the Business Journal.

Hilton CEO Chris Nassetta said “components” of the new features would be in all the hotelier’s properties within the next three years.

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