Homeowners report great satisfaction with DIY projects

A significant number of homeowners enjoy do it yourself projects in the home, particularly among younger generations, according to a new report by the National Association of Realtors.

The report, 2019 Remodeling Impact Report: DIY, found that many homeowners are actually happier when they perform DIY instead of hiring a professional to help upgrade or maintain their home.

Homeowners surveyed for the report gave an average “joy score” of 9.9 for DIY projects completed by themselves. That compares with just 9.6 for projects completed by hired professionals. In addition, homeowners who’re prepared to complete a project by themselves generally reported a greater sense of accomplishment once they’d finished it.

The most common reason for undertaking a DIY project is boosting the functionality and/or livability of a home. Other reasons include improving the building’s aesthetics, or adding better appliances or more durable materials.

“One of the pleasures of homeownership is the ability to take on projects to customize a house that truly make it your own,” said NAR President John Smaby.

Nearly three-fourths of Generation Y and millennials, as well as more than half of Generation X and baby boomers, choose to do DIY home projects.

Consumers are more likely to take on a DIY project for a pet than to undertake a general home project on their own, according to the survey. The most popular pet-driven renovations were fence and laminate floor installation, and the addition of dog doors.

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