How can self storage help you sell your home?

People choose to sell their homes for a number of reasons depending on their changing circumstances, financial position and personal growth. It could be that the size of your home no longer services your needs, you may need to relocate, a changing of life stages or even an enticing market price for selling.

There are a number of ways to boost the appeal of your home. Essentially, it all boils down to effective preparation. Choosing the correct estate agent, asking the right price, and being proactive are all important steps in preparation, but one of the most critical factors in preparing for a quick sale is to organize your home’s aesthetics.

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Decluttering is key to improving the aesthetic appeal of your home, and what many people don’t realise is that self storage can help alleviate some of the stresses that come with selling a home and help you to declutter.

In order to create an atmosphere of space, it is important to remove all belongings that contribute to a messy and unorganised environment. Where do you safely put all of those belongings where they can be accessed conveniently? Self storage of course.

We share some declutter tips on how to improve the appeal of your home sale and how self storage can work for you.

• Optimise the ambience
Buyers are more attracted to homes when certain conditions are met. A brighter house with a sense of space is known to be more appealing to potential buyers than a cluttered, dark home. Self storage offers a great space to safely store all these items.

• Keep items that you need
Bear in mind that you will still be living in your home, and a ‘homely’ atmosphere is also a vital consideration to potential buyers. Decluttering simply refers to the removal of any distracting or unnecessary items.

• Focus areas for decluttering
Areas that will need the most work in decluttering are the living room and other high traffic areas. Pack away piles of books, hobby equipment, umbrellas and excessive furniture that add to a cluttered atmosphere.

• Declutter the kitchen and bedroom
This will include removing the likes of small appliances on the counter and packing away seldom used equipment such as crockpots and roasters in the kitchen. Decluttering in the bedroom could include the likes of packing away out-of-season clothes and excessive personal items.

• Functionality vs. clutter
A good point to consider is the functionality of your appliances and furniture. If they serve a purpose and don’t look outdated, then they can stay. If they are merely taking up space – it is best to store them.

Self storage facilities are the perfect cost-effective solution to decluttering your home when trying to sell it. Your belongings are kept safe and secure while creating an incredible sense of space in your home.

Decluttering your home does not mean that you need to lose your treasured belongings. Self storage allows you to improve your home’s sellable aesthetics whilst getting a jump-start on your packing.

Most self storage providers offer different sized storage units for varied lease durations, depending on your need.


  1. Decluttering in anything is really relieving! Im actually decluttering my closet myself its so satisfying haha. Great video