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How High Performance Realtors Are Getting a Competitive Edge

By Guest Author | October 26, 2016

When a lot of money is on the line, people will do anything to get a competitive edge. Real estate is one of the most competitive industries that you can find with commissions ranging in the millions of dollars. Given how lucrative the industry can be, it is no wonder high performers are using brain enhancing drugs referred to as nootropics.


These nootropics and smart drugs allow real estate agents and business owners to work longer hours, maintain better relationships, and help them to sell more real estate in a shorter period of time. While there is no magic pill, these nootropic drugs are changing the dynamic of the real estate world.

Nootropics and High Performance

Using nootropics in order to enhance mental performance is not new. In fact, executives in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street have been doing it for years. A 2008 article by Michael Arrington (former owner of Tech Crunch) showed that many Silicon Valley executives were using a powerful drug called provigil nearly a decade ago.

The trend has continued and even spread into competitive industries like Wall Street where people are also making millions of dollars. In both of these cases, the drug of choice is called modafinil (also referred to as provigil). for the drug in the film Limitless because it helps to increase focus, concentration, prevent fatigue, and enhance general cognitive abilities.

One study of air force personnel showed that modafinil could effectively prevent cognitive decline during sleep deprivation as well as drugs like Adderall. Thus, modafinil is a high powered an effective Adderall substitute drug that doesn’t lead to as many side effects and long-term problems.

Which Smart Drugs Help Realtors?

For a realtor who wants to have a competitive edge, modafinil can be an effective tool for researching and posting listings and even completing general administrative tasks. However, real estate is often an industry that requires interaction with other people and salesmanship beyond the tech nerds in Silicon Valley or wolves of Wall Street.

Here are a few nootropic options for real estate agents who are trying to have great interpersonal communication, maintain sociability, and have success specific to their profession:

Mucuna Pruriens - this is an all natural nootropic that comes from Africa and has been used for hundreds of years. Mucuna pruriens is a natural source of a brain chemical called L-DOPA, which gets converted into dopamine. The brain chemical dopamine often regulates mood and happiness so taking this natural option can make you feel better when meeting a prospective client.

Tianeptine - while this is a little more advanced, tianeptine is a nootropic that helps people handle social anxiety and feel more euphoric and less taxed in social situations. While most real estate agents don’t struggle with full-blown social anxiety, tianeptine can make you more outgoing so you can do a more effective job of selling real estate.

Between these two drugs uniquely useful for real estate agents and modafinil, any high performance individual looking to get an edge on their competition can succeed. It’s important to read more about the nootropics and test whether they actually work for you, but smart drugs are the answer to many of the world’s most competitive high performers.

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    1. Thanks for sharing this information about nootropics. In addition to pharmaceutical nootropics like Modafinil, there are also effective nutraceutical nootropics.

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