How much home can $300,000 get you?

With a budget of $300,000, the kind of home you can buy varies drastically depending on what city you decided to live in. For example in Manhattan, $300,000 would probably only get you a 165-square foot studio apartment, whereas in Memphis the same amount of cash could afford you a luxurious 4,479-square foot mansion fit for a king.


To see how far your budget will take you, Point2Homes recently took it upon itself to evaluate median listing prices of $300,000 against median home sizes, in order to show how much living space you can get for your buck across the country.

The differences are quite substantial. For example if you decided to live in Detroit, that amount of money will allow you to buy a 7,000-square foot mansion or otherwise, four median-sized homes in the city. However, there are numerous cities where you won’t be able to afford anything like a median-sized home for the same amount of cash.

Point2Homes’ interactive chart lets you check out the various cities in the U.S., simply hover over the squares to see how much square feet you can afford for $300,000.

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