How To Add Infographics To Your Real Estate Website

When building a real estate website, including things like content, photos, and even videos is of course the bare essentials if you really want to drive traffic and keep home buyers on your site. But what else can you do to dress up your site and provide for an even better user experience that will not only keep home buyers on your site for the time being, but keep them coming back down the road?


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Call-to-action buttons and graphics can often improve a website’s appearance and functionality, as well as a variety of other great features, but another design option agents and brokers should consider for their website are simple, yet engaging, infographics.

Content may be what search engines want to see, but scanning through paragraph after paragraph of text can sometimes get a little bland if you’re a real home buyer. Infographics are a nice way to break up a page and keep your website light and fun—all while still providing users with useful, informative information they need.

There are plenty of [free] infographic generators out there, but overall, three websites seem to be the best, and more affordable, way to create and edit your own infographics. Check each out below: An easy drag-and-drop format with a variety of attractive templates definitely make this a viable option for any real estate agent looking to make quick and simplistic infographics. Joining is free and creating more than 30 chart types is possible using Infogram. This option is perfect for agents wanting analytical bubble and pie charts or treemaps.

Piktochart: This may be the most recognizable infographic generator. With over 90 themes to use and currently around 300,000 users, you can try Piktochart for free, but even their payment options might be worth the investment if you plan on regularly making infographics.


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