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How to create a real estate ecosystem?

By Zach Parker | September 27, 2022

Are you wondering what a real estate ecosystem is and how to create one? In today's article, you will learn How to create a real estate ecosystem to cross-market their diverse databases. However, real estate has been considered the most vital, and nobody could agree more. For your information, the global real estate market was estimated at $6883 billion in 2021.

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Everyone knows that real estate is more than purchasing and selling homes. In addition, it is no secret that the leading digital space within the real estate industry has become significantly centralized throughout the years.

The techies have arisen as the primary lead generation source for several agencies. Hence, unless you have been working diligently to forge your own digital real estate to promote the business, you are dependent on various portals to keep leads coming in. 

So, immediately, let us find out the top ways to create a real estate ecosystem, which will help develop and engage followers and amazed clients.

Step #1: Create your social profiles

The first and foremost step in creating a real estate ecosystem is demanding your digital real estate. You may consider digital billboards, where you must have specific directories and social media pages. Therefore, on those digital billboards, you may want to include your name, contact details, business name, website URL, and address. Those billboards are the following:

  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Google My Business Listing

While creating your social profiles, it's imperative to find out your target audiences. In case you consider rental properties in a college area, you must consider newer video platforms, for example, TikTok. 

The pro tip is to jot down the best business descriptions for your social media profiles and online directories. You must be consistent while providing contact information and business name on the directory sites and social media.   

Step #2: Create a business website

Several agents are worried about building a business website. But you may generate one nowadays without any prior coding experience with the help of the platforms such as Squarespace and Wix. 

It lets you build top-notch and professional business sites with drag-and-drop features and pre-built templates. Therefore, while creating a business website, do not forget to add an SSL certificate to make it protected from malicious attacks. SSL certificate is not a costly deal now, there are lowest or cheap SSL certificates, a site holder can try for a website.

Once the site is created, you need to return to those social media profiles and incorporate the URL to its listings. It will aid your SEO in ranking higher for the targeted keywords. 

Step #3: Extend a content strategy

As you have the magnetic web properties created, you should have filled them with educational, rich, and motivational content. It's indeed the most vital and challenging step in the process of creating a real estate ecosystem. 

Although the answer to the content dilemma differs from one agent to another, it relies on your target audience, value proposition, and capabilities. Are you suck at writing but can create good videos? You may concentrate on making your YouTube channel and encouraging video content rather than crafting a blog. It means the content strategy will show the type of content you generate. 

Step #4: Opt for interconnected platforms

Various platforms offer a top-notch real estate ecosystem for brokerage owners, agents, and customers. Here, the agents can easily connect with the clients in their web, and mobile applications letting them organize showings, engage with their brokerage, and manage listings in one intertwined platform.

Step #5: Demonstrating management CRM

Are you wondering How to create a real estate ecosystem? Showing management CRM is the best way to make a real estate ecosystem. Here, you will see the first and only CRM to be merged with your home access management solution. It lets agents organize showings switch clients, advance communication, and offer maximum transparency to them. 

Step #6: Fundamental agent social media platform

The client relationship with you drives your business, and your reputation among the agents can't be overlooked. Hence, you must opt for a platform that lets you connect with other agents through its extraordinary social experience. It lets the agents boost their recognition & brand and know their ins and outs. 

Step #7: Showcasing calendar and flexibility

The platform you opt for simplifying your real estate ecosystem business will never be completed without a scheduled way to itemize satisfaction and the clients' timetable. Here, the calendar lets you check conflicts against the impending organized showings, while the representatives of your chosen platform let you entrust a showing to a non-competitive and licensed rep. It implies your selected platform provides you with the proper ability to be in two different places.    

Step #8: Build your digital library

This is the place where you move toward the work and accomplish your content strategy. You must devote time to creating and crafting insanely high-quality content weekly for your digital properties. The quality is as vital as the quantity in the matter of contending with digital real estate.

It is much crucial while competing with renowned brands. However, it is almost impossible to defeat a national portal at the game of quantity, but you may generate high-quality content.

At this stage, agents' most significant benefit against the techies is the basic information about the market and tangible relationships with the clients. As US has over 2 million real estate agents globally, you can create your digital library easily. In brief, while trying to create content for real estate markets, you must consider three things:

  • Inform your clients.
  • Sell your expertise and services.
  • Generate linkable assets.

Step #9: Streamline your marketing 

You're about to become a top-notch marketing professional in real estate as you have created your directory listings, and website & discovered how to generate premium real estate content. However, this last step in creating a real estate ecosystem entails automating your marketing process to produce more content and manage all the incoming leads.

The best thing is that you do not have to be a web app developer to streamline content curation and merge platforms. With top-notch sites like Zapier and Integromat, you may quickly combine apps for sharing content. In addition, you might establish and operate intricate marketing automation with hassle-free drag-and-drop templates. 

You may now quickly post content to your blog section with the help of the apps and share the content link to all the social media channels. Moreover, you may post a yearly market report to the social media pages or the website and upload it into MailChimp. It's possible to establish challenging multi-step marketing automation, for example, lead funnels and email drips. 

How do you build a top-notch online real estate ecosystem for marketers?

In brief, these are the ways to build an online real estate ecosystem:

  • Concentrate on expanding your SOI, aka sphere of influence, as the base.
  • Discover countless sources for prospecting.
  • Work every online channel to promote yourself.
  • Create different methodologies for communication.
  • Advertise throughout all the channels.
  • You will be the predominant agent in your area.  


Creating your digital ecosystem will take a little time, but it is worth it! Of course, the entire process will demand more time than cash in advance. However, it will help you obtain money after it starts operating steadily. In addition, it will help save time in case you can streamline your marketing procedures. However, being capable of producing your leads will initiate revenue, and proclaiming digital freedom from the techies will let you take maximum control of your real estate business.

Zach is a digital marketing expert, solopreneur, and Owner of ProSource Media. As a crypto holder and owner of several investment properties, he closely monitors market and data trends in both real estate and blockchain. Zach covers Market Watch at Realty Biz News
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