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How to Remodel Your Home for Potential Real Estate Investors

By Guest Author | May 23, 2016

If you are planning to sell your home, you want to get the best price possible. Real estate investors often buy homes in good areas either to refurbish and flip or use as rental property. Here is a list of 9 useful tips to make your home stand out among the rest to potential buyers:


Revitalise Your Front Porch

You never get a chance to make another fiIf you are planning to sell your home, you want to get the best price possible. Real estate investors often buy homes in good areas either to refurbish and flip or use as rental property. rst impression. Most real estate investors will drive by your home before they even consider a home tour. Other than location, curb appeal is one of the main things that can help sell a home. If potential buyers see flaking paint, damaged stairs, and a porch in bad repair, they will probably assume the interior is also in bad shape and probably will not be interested in the house. Make sure that your porch is neatly painted, in good repair, and tastefully decorated. You will create a curb appeal that will entice home investors to see more of your place.


If potential investors see grass that is a foot high and worn-out landscaping, it greatly reduces the curb appeal and buyer interest. Look at your yard with the eyes of a stranger and see if it appeals to you. If not, get your landscape in shape before you put your home on the market. Make sure to keep the grass neatly mowed and use a weed eater to eliminate messy weeds. Trim back shrubs and put in new flower bed pavers. If you are selling during the spring, plant colourful annuals in the flower bed and add a little interest with hostas or ferns in shady areas. If you have a sidewalk, fix any cracks or have a new one poured. The more pleasant you make the outside, the more interested a real estate investor may be.


If you do not have a garage, then a carport is the next best thing. Potential buyers like to see a place where they can park off the street and keep their vehicles safe from the elements. Carports come in different sizes and styles to match your home. They add instant curb appeal and are available for just about any budget.


Front Door

Your front door should be the crown jewel of your exterior. Doors come in many different styles and are major components of curb appeal. Sometimes, just giving your door a coat of fresh paint or stain may be all it needs to pop. If your front door has seen better days, consider replacing it. You do not have to spend a fortune—just buy the best quality door that you can afford.

Interior Repair

When potential buyers take a tour of your home, the flaws that they see equals more money and labour for repairs. Before you list your home, do a check from the attic to basement to see if there are repairs needed. Most people are amazed at what a fresh coat of paint can do.

Fix any holes in the walls and ceilings and paint the rooms a light, neutral colour (avoid white). Get rid of any dated wallpaper and border. Take a look at your electric, plumbing, and HVAC system and make sure everything is in good working order. It could mean selling your home quicker at the price you want.

Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen has been called the heart of the home for generations. You may not be able to afford a complete kitchen remodel; however, there are a few budget-friendly things you can do to make your kitchen more appealing. The colours of the walls, cabinets, and countertops can instantly date a home. To make your kitchen seem lighter and airy, paint it a light neutral colour. If your cabinets are in good shape, you might consider painting or staining them a lighter colour since most buyers do not want the darker wood. Consider a new sink, faucet, and hardware. If you budget allows, you may want to add new counter tops and backsplashes that are complementary to your colours.


Bathroom Remodel

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is another important room that real estate investors consider. It would be ideal if you completely replaced everything; however, you may be on a tight budget. In that case, make sure that the bathroom is sparkling clean. If your vanity is in poor repair, consider replacing it and adding a more modern sink and faucet. If your toilet or tub is in bad repair, you should replace them. It will be well worth your investment. Paint the bathroom a neutral colour and make it look inviting.

Clear the Clutter

No one is going to be interested in a house that looks like a thrift store exploded on the inside. Clutter takes away from the beauty of your home. Take a day with your family and completely de-clutter the house. Remember the three cardinal rules for organisation: Put away, Give away, or Throw away (or recycle). Buy colourful bins to neatly store your things. Potential buyers love to see the space that is available in a home.


If you are selling your home, take down portraits, mementos, and knick-knacks. You want potential real estate investors to see a clean slate for their clients. Each room should have minimal decorations that are modern and tastefully done.

The real estate market is a buyer’s market today. Real estate investors look at a lot of homes that are comparable. If you want yours to stand out among the crowd, do some repairs and remodelling. It may be an initial investment; however, it will pay for itself when you sell your home.


About the author: Andre Smith is part of the community team at Sheds N Homes, a supplier of steel kit buildings.

  • One comment on “How to Remodel Your Home for Potential Real Estate Investors”

    1. I really appreciate the emphasis you put on the importance of putting carports in during a renovation if there isn't a garage. With there being so many different styles to choose from, it makes it possible to find one perfect for a home, and like you mention, it will keep it safe from the elements. I'm grateful for carports and all that it does to keep cars safe.

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