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How To Use CRM Software and Marketing Automation for Your Real Estate Website

By Zach Parker | December 2, 2022
CRM concept illustration

As of 2022, only 25% of businesses are using marketing automation. This means that there are still 75% of businesses do their marketing manually, voluntarily booting themselves out of the competition with the top players in their market that are automating their marketing.

Automating your business with CRM software will help companies bring in revenue and to reduce their operating costs. If you are an independent real estate agent or own an agency, using CRM software will offer significant benefits. To get fresh and reliable leads and the ability to retain those leads with ease, you need to learn how exactly real estate CRM can make that possible.

What Is CRM Software?

CRM software is the shortened name for customer relationship management. It's a system or platform that helps companies to combine needed business tools while optimizing their organizational skills. This type of software can help with customer tracking and communication.

It also helps to keep all internal agents within a brokerage up to date with deal details to start converting clicks into sales. The main goal of a CRM is to help improve the relationships your business has. Productivity will increase, and you will notice a decrease in unnecessary spending as well.

It also acts as a way to compete with top industry players. Most agents that use a CRM will be more productive, as we know; however, they will also find it easier to handle multiple deals at once, with success.

The Benefits You Need to Know

For real estate services that prioritize efficiency, converting interests into sales, and generating leads, a real estate CRM will do exactly that. This form of organization helps agents to refine their marketing processes to better pinpoint methods that work and eliminate those that don't.

The best way to explain what customer relationship marketing platforms and software does is that it helps you to make your processes more efficient. It also helps with saving money. In addition, you can expect to streamline your organizational skills.

Agents can also look forward to;

  • More revenue
  • Getting a snapshot of both sales and marketing efforts in one place
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Reduction marketing costs
  • Better-informed business decisions supported by data
  • A boost in productivity rates
  • More time to spend in the field and with clients

A real estate agency that uses marketing automation is setting its agency up for success in the future. Automating the marketing side of your business gives you quantifiable data.

This can help guide decision-making processes. It provides you with a variety of usable tools on one platform to better manage your business and organize client information. 

The use cases that marketing automation can be applied to can help to elevate the reach of your business. They also help to enhance your internal operations. Not only will you have the ability to implement paid advertising from these types of platforms, but you will also get marketing analytics.

A lot of the time this will also allow you to generate analytics reports and view snapshots. You can score and generate real estate leads and when you run into the need for help, many platforms offer support for their end users. 

Marketing automation concept

The Ability to Scale and Customize

If you have big plans for your real estate agency and you intend to scale, you need a way to have seamless management options. A CRM can help you scale your business across your service zones. This is not just through local advertisements but across the internet.

The way this happens is with the ability to track documentation and promote your services from one platform. You can reach out to specific customers, and different service areas, or launch more broad approaches.

Automated solutions will also help to customize your internal operations and the way you communicate with your customers. You can segment the audiences you want to reach and even get more insight into customer behaviors.

How to Use a Real Estate CRM to Stay Organized

A successful brokerage will be using a CRM for their real estate website and the leads they get from it. This system is what ties all communications between your agency and your real estate prospects. This also includes any clients you currently have. For real estate specifically, CRM systems are designed to do a few specific things.

You can expect ways to navigate more effective deal management processes. You will also be able to sign contracts on the platform and have a way to store the information you have for clients.

Real estate agents will use a CRM to keep target prospects organized. They will also use it to customize marketing efforts towards those prospects. There is also the option to centralize marketing tactics and schedule email campaigns.

This means less work for the agent and more revenue coming into the agency. This also means less time being spent on dead-end leads and more effort being put into viable prospects.

Getting the Inside Scoop on Real Estate Marketing Trends

The real estate industry experiences change often. If you want your agency to be successful and stay that way, you need to use CRM software. CRM software helps agents to form better process management and to help capture leads.

Even if you need a solution for earning and organizing referrals, this software is designed to do just that. To keep your agency ahead of the competition, stay up to date on all the changes that are happening in your industry. Learn more about us to get the advantage your business needs.

Zach is a digital marketing expert, solopreneur, and Owner of ProSource Media. As a crypto holder and owner of several investment properties, he closely monitors market and data trends in both real estate and blockchain. Zach covers Market Watch at Realty Biz News
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