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In-telligent launches community messaging platform

By Mike Wheatley | June 2, 2016

Communications technology company In-telligent today announced the official launch of their In-telligent communications platform and smartphone app that the company says will greatly enhance connectivity, awareness, and safety for users and their communities.


In the case of an emergency, a community manager can use the In-telligent platform to issue a Life Safety Alert that has the ability to override the notification settings on a user’s device, ensuring urgent messages are noticed in real-time. Simply having the platform in place allows fans, guests, employees, and visitors to be better informed, safer, and happier. The app and platform are available free of charge for both end-users and administrators.

“We will not charge users for the In-telligent app or for its ability to communicate potentially life-saving information,” said In-telligent Founder and CEO Allan Sutherland. “Doing so would not only introduce a barrier to adoption, but it goes against the idea that drove our founding, to create safer and more informed communities – for everyone.” Sutherland was quick to note that his team has looked beyond the safety features of In-telligent to the wide range of communication possibilities inherent in the platform. “We have the technology to strongly influence behavior, while providing greatly enhanced experiences for users,” he said.

The In-telligent platform allows its administrators to deliver targeted, timely, enhanced messaging to followers in geographically designated communities through auto-enrollment. Followers can also opt to receive messages and monitor the status of communities whether they are physically present in those communities or not, to ensure they are up-to-date while they are away. Not only can the messaging be smarter and more targeted than traditional forms of outreach, it is also measurable.

“In-telligent addresses a nagging pain-point for property managers by providing them with an invaluable tool to improve how they communicate with their tenants,” said Emily Smith, vice president of Bespoke Commercial Real Estate in Chicago. “In property management, tenants can experience a variety of service interruptions. In-telligent gives property managers a free solution that allows them to be able to send instant status updates to reassure their tenants that they’re on top of a given issue, and notify them the moment it’s resolved. There is simply no downside to adopting this platform.”

Whereas other group forums must rely on gathering and maintaining customer databases, In-telligent communities can transmit important, potentially life-saving updates through In-telligent’s communication portal from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. This allows community managers to communicate with certainty, in real-time, with large audiences. The In-telligent app features an easy-to-use interface that combines Life Safety Alerts, timely announcements, and targeted information surrounding issues of interest to the user’s specific community. Users also have the ability to send their own news, updates, and event alerts to the administrator to keep them informed, further adding to the community’s enhanced awareness.

Through geofencing technology, virtual boundaries are defined around geographical areas, allowing users to receive real-time communication when it matters most. Community managers don’t need to know users to reach them as long as the users have downloaded the app; the auto-subscribe feature will allow all users to receive important and relevant information based purely on their present location.

“This technology allows us to geographically define a community, unlock a new level of understanding, and even assist First Responders in dealing with crisis-level situations,” said Sutherland. “Furthermore, In-telligent serves as a real-time analytical tool allowing for stronger communication within any community.”

When powered by In-telligent, a venue can track and evaluate real-time traffic patterns, levels of engagement, locations visited, demographics, and use that data to better understand their audience and adapt accordingly, providing managers ongoing market research at no cost.

The In-telligent app is available immediately as a free download for both Android and iOS powered devices.

Mike Wheatley is the senior editor at Realty Biz News. Got a real estate related news article you wish to share, contact Mike at [email protected].
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