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Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Co-working Space

By Jamie Richardson | April 2, 2021

In Singapore today, you find a lot of businesses operating from co-working spaces. This is because of the many benefits that come with a coworking space. A co-working space, also referred to as a shared office space, comes with many benefits such as reduced cost, networking, greater flexibility, and so on. It is particularly great for startups and small businesses looking for ways to reduce expenses, and at the same time, increase their productivity.

However, to enjoy the very best co-working space experience, you need to find the right co-working space. So, how do you find the right co-working space for your business? To find the right shared office for your business, there are certain factors you need to put into consideration. This post aims to look at some of the key factors to put into consideration when looking to choose a co-working space for your business.


The first thing you need to put into consideration when choosing a shared office space is location. First of all, you need to make sure that the shared office location is not too far from your residence. You don't want a situation where you'll have to drive for hours before reaching your office. So, it would be best if you made sure the location of the place is easily accessible for you.

Also, it would be best if you made sure that the location of your coworking space is one that befits your business. It would be detrimental to your business's image if the co-working space is situated in a dirty place. So, make sure it is situated in a good place that aligns with your kind of business.

Ease of Commuting to The Place

The next factor you have to consider when looking for a shared office for rent is the ease of commuting to the place. The traffic congestion in Singapore can sometimes be high. Also, some areas are notoriously know for regular high traffic congestion. So, you need to make sure that the office is not located in a place with constant high traffic congestion. This would make commuting to the place a lot easier for you and your clients.


This is definitely a key factor you should put into consideration when looking for an office space for rent. First of all, you want to make sure the office rental is one you can afford. Usually, shared spaces that are located in highbrow areas tend to be very pricey. So, you need to decide if you should go for such or a lesser one. This is very important.


A good shared workspace should have all the necessary facilities that would make your work easier. So, this is another factor you should put into consideration. Although this largely depends on your budget. However, it would be best to look for a coworking space with major facilities such as cleaners, scanner, printer, WiFi, security, power backup, air conditioner, and more. This is very important for you to be able to run your business affairs efficiently. 

Type of Space

A co-working office rental usually offers three different types of desks for businesses: cabin space, fixed desks, and hot desks. Each of these different types of space has its merits and demerits. So, you need to know the type of space offered by the facility. 

Choosing a co-working space for your business requires patience and doing your homework. Before choosing a shared space for your business, it would help a great deal if you consider all these factors.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
  • One comment on “Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Co-working Space”

    1. I like how you mentioned the different types of desks that you can get for your business. My brother has an accounting business, and he wants to take on some more employees this year. It might be a good idea for him to rent a coworking space.

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