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LinkedIn for Real Estate: 3 Quick Branding Tips

By Ben Shepardson | July 14, 2017

When you think of social media for business, Facebook and Twitter immediately come to mind. But if you aren't using LinkedIn to build your real estate brand, you're missing out on an audience of over 500 million users.

LinkedIn was created with the professional in mind, helping people make business connections, build credibility, share industry-related news, and establish themselves as a leader in their field. Which means branding yourself on LinkedIn looks and feels a little different than other social platforms.

Whether you already have a LinkedIn profile or are considering creating one, these three simple branding tips can help you hone your real estate image:

3 LinkedIn Branding Tips for Real Estate Agents

Treat your LinkedIn profile differently than your other social media pages.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media platform share similar characteristics. But they each hold their own unique advantages and purposes, and your content should reflect this.

First, consider why a client would want to find you on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is geared toward professionals and businesses, so viewers are likely to look you up here to learn more about your professional image and background. This can include your achievements and accolades, work history, and who else you know and affiliate with.

Yes, there will be some overlap with how you build your brand on Facebook. But remember that while Facebook is more friend- and family-oriented, LinkedIn is all about business. Which means your profile should be, too.

Everything you post affects your brand - share wisely.

Just like other social media channels, you'll want to create or curate content to share with your viewers. But you don't want to post something simply because you think others will be interested in it.

Before you share someone's article or publish your own, ask yourself how the topic relates to your brand and how each post will affect your viewers' attitude towards you. It's okay to share things that aren't directly related to your agency, but they should provide some level of value to your audience that will resonate well with your brand image.

Give endorsements to gain endorsements.

LinkedIn's endorsement feature provides one of the easiest ways to gain credibility as a real estate agent. People in your network can sign off on the skills you claim you're capable of to let others know you aren't just blowing smoke.

The bigger you build your network, the most endorsements you stand to get.

However, it's important to remain ethical with your endorsements. Just as it's highly frowned upon to pay for Google reviews, you should also focus on getting LinkedIn endorsements organically.

One of the most effective ways to earn endorsements is by giving them to others in your network. They'll feel inclined to return the favor, which can strengthen your image as a leading real estate professional.

Wrap Up

LinkedIn may seem like a social media underdog, but its number of monthly users continue to climb, having surpassed Twitter's 328 million users and closing in on Instagram's 700 million monthly users.

You might not sell any properties directly, but the chances to promote your real estate brand here could be enough to help your properties sell themselves.

Ben Shepardson is a Realty Biz News Contributing Writer and has a long track record of success in online marketing and web development. While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems, he worked doing enterprise-level SEO and started an online business offering web development services to small business customers.
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