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Make Minor Home Improvements for a Faster Sale

By Allison Halliday | April 24, 2014

US homeowners are being advised to make sure their property looks good and is nicely spruced up on the outside, rather than considering larger scale renovations prior to putting the home on the market. A recent survey canvassed interior designers and real estate agents, asking them to identify the best home improvements sellers could make.

According to the article in Propertywire, it was agreed that minor improvements such as redecorating walls in neutral colors, and making other minor improvements such as landscaping could be cost effective and may help achieve a faster sale. It was also agreed that sellers should avoid taking out costly projects just before listing a home, as the increase in the sale price might not equal the money and time spent on remodeling the property. Instead sellers are advised to focus on improvements that will help broaden the appeal of the home while bringing it up to reasonable standards.

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Experts point out buyers will have an increased choice of properties on the market this year compared to last year. As such it's best to concentrate on improvements that will appeal to the most numbers of people. This is because buyers don't want to pay over the odds for inheriting someone else's style and taste. Instead freshly painted rooms in neutral colors, a neat and tidy yard and a clutter free home will always give a property added appeal to the most number of people. The number one piece of advice is to make sure the home looks good from the outside, and that it has good curb appeal. A freshly painted front door combined with a clean and tidy entrance helps to give good first impressions.

A skillfully staged home can highlight the property's best features while minimizing less appealing points. It's always best to remove personal belongings and items that are highly individual. Neutral furniture and colors are always a better choice. Although major renovations are not recommended, sellers are advised to spend a little bit of money on smaller updates. This might include renewing older style lighting fixtures, and carrying out minor kitchen and bathroom updates, for example just renewing out-of-date cabinet or door handles.

However de-cluttering is top of the list, as is thoroughly cleaning the home. If the property feels spacious and clean it makes it easier for potential buyers to envision living there, and it's much easier for them to overlook out-of-date furniture and older appliances.

Allison Halliday is a Realty Biz News contributing writer. She handles International Real Estate and is a seasoned blogger.
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