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Make Money Online Through Dropshipping & E-Commerce Sites

By Jamie Richardson | December 12, 2018

It is everybody’s dream to be the boss of their own business, work for flexible hours, as well as run their business successfully. With the eCommerce business, you will be able do that and lots more. Best part is you can also start earning money from your home fast. So, all you require is the computer or smartphone and the reliable internet connection. You need to setup your eCommerce website in the short time span that means it is perfect as the side hustle that will work around your family life and job. You also can turn this in the full-time running business if that is your ultimate goal of work from home. Suppose you do not know how to earn money from your home, you can try dropshipping and purchase websites from BE BIGGY. Let us take a close look on how to start the dropship business, how drop shipping model works, and important things that you must know before you go in it.

Drop Ship

Starting the Drop Shipping Business

Your estimates vary. However, industry watchers have seen that between 20% to 30% of the online retailers make use of drop shipping. Thus, it is the proven business model, so you will be in the good company in case you go this way. Even the big retailers such as Amazon make use of drop shipping. With the drop shipping, you will be able to sell about any product and in any niche. Best part is that you do not need to deal with any hassles of the traditional businesses, like:

  • Packaging and shipping any products (imagine the trouble of taking the orders and boxing it multiple times… and going to post office?) It is definitely not the scalable way of doing the business.
  • Storing products (it is quite expensive to purchase huge amounts of inventory or rent warehouse space)
  • Very importantly… you do not need to put down all your money upfront for buying the products wholesale for resell… that you are not sure can sell.

As you can see, when you are running your own business by drop shipping, you need to avoid all these risks and loss of the capital investment. Now that we have taken a close look at benefits of the dropshipping business let us take a close look on how this business model of the dropshipping works. You can read Journal Review blog to get more tips related to dropshipping sites.

How Does Drop Shipping Work?

With the drop shipping, you can work with the wholesaler and distributor that give this service. Remember, not all the manufacturers or wholesalers give drop shipping service, but many do provide it. You need to handle all marketing for the business… set up the website with shopping cart (setup the virtual storefront)… write your own blog… do email marketing and social media … you can contact the customers and prospects. You can tell them about any products and how this can make their lives much better. Generally, you do all advertising, marketing, and promotion for getting the right customers and make your sale. However, when it comes actual time to send out your product and fulfill them … drop shipper takes the place. They have an inventory in the warehouse. You just need to send them all your orders that come, paying wholesale rate for every order. This is done via email, submitted on internet, or through the spreadsheet file — this depends on a drop shipper. They will put all your orders together and ship this to your customer. That’s successfully done. The AliDropship Premium Store is the one you can rely on when it comes to shipping with maximum efficiency.

What Products Are Drop Shipped?

Like with any business online, you would like to be in the market that is “new and hot” and where there’re are many people who are ready to buy your products that you sell. In best case scenario, niche that you specialize in must match to your personal interests. Suppose you have the passion for certain market and kinds of product, this enthusiasm can make the marketing efforts… by extension your online business… will get stronger. Not just that, but you will actually enjoy on what you are doing – and making your work appear more like a play. What is better than paid for what you love to do?


Luckily, there are the drop shipping firms who work with every market, type of product and niche. Yoga clothes, baby items, printed clothing, electronics, books, art, supplements, beauty supplies, home and garden equipment.

However do you own a large scale drop ship apparel store? If you're in need of a premium apparel printing services then a good provider like Thrive t-shirt printing and fulfillment by Thrive is the right one you should look for.

It is wide open!

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
  • 5 comments on “Make Money Online Through Dropshipping & E-Commerce Sites”

    1. 12/13/18

      I have a service putting a buyer and seller of Real Estate together.

      Is there a way I could drop ship this service.
      I'm listed with DUN & Bradstreet NAICS # 624229
      Other Community Housing Services.

    2. Great article man, i have been actually thinking about starting a dropshipping business, but i am still not sure. I mean.. it seems very good and i have done some research on it before but i have been also thinking about starting affiliate marketing. I found a interesting article on affiliate marketing actually and i am not so sure about it. It says a lot of fancy things about it, which are okay i guess, but they offer a free course. I am still new to this so this was my first time seeing this.

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