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Marketing Strategies for Successful Real Estate Agents

By Mike Wheatley | May 20, 2014

For real estate agents it is important to get an edge on ethical grounds. Those with experience in the business tend to agree that smart strategies have long-term benefits while sleazy tactics result in long-term consequences. A successful agent needs to find principles that can lead to a growing business instead of fly-by-night schemes which come with a bad reputation. The following strategies come directly from the leaders in the area.


Market Research

The first smart step for any agent should be to make use of a market research agency. With many types of market research available it is important to choose the correct type to ensure success. Information is power, and knowing what people are looking for, what they can afford and the economic situation in different regions can greatly improve the ability to sell. There is simply no substitute for knowledge.

Use a Caring Approach

According to Dr. Maya Bailey, a well-known and successful business coach for professional real estate agents, the key to winning clients resides in the tone of voice. Rather than talking fast and sounding smart, deals come to those who use care in their tone. When the client believes that the agent really cares and wants to help then the documents may as well be signed.

High Quality Photos and Home Staging

Some useful information from Vicki Gardiner, Director of Gardiner McInnes Estate Agents, would be to utilize high quality photos and creating a setup where potential clients can let their imagination run wild. It is common sense to make the house hunt as easy as possible for the client by providing enough pictures that show the great elements of the house. In regards to home staging, Vicki Gardiner suggests maximizing the space in the house with only the necessary furniture. The clients should be able to see themselves living comfortably.

Utilize the Internet

There is no question that everything seems to revolve around the web, and in light of this various agents make it a priority to use it to their advantage. Creating a website, Facebook and Twitter account, online newsletters and easy communication between the client and the agent have become a cornerstone in marketing. However, this shouldn't substitute personal interaction. It should only serve as a quick way to make contact.

Word of Mouth

The Real Estate Marketing Group has various tips for increasing returns, but one specific strategy tends to stand out is keeping in touch with clients while offering to pay for referrals. People talk, and if an agent is able to provide a high quality service and reward referrals, then a huge part of the client base will be passive. For this reason alone it is better to use principled strategies, because it will reflect on business at a later stage. For more information on word or mouth marketing click here.

Given that real estate is an ever changing economy in which agents are struggling to find effective strategies, there are still some basic tactics that can prove to be useful. Once they are tailored and perfected to suit the agent then they can be well on their way to making it a great success. It's just a matter of focusing on what is wanted instead of what isn't.

Mike Wheatley is the senior editor at Realty Biz News. Got a real estate related news article you wish to share, contact Mike at [email protected].
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