N-Play Does Realtors One Better on Facebook

If there’s anything real estate people can use these days it’s help with visibility anywhere it can be had. For Facebook, N-Play apps for real estate are pretty much the “cat’s meow” along these lines. Even more so now as the developer has announced a new marketing platform which generates listing ads for agents automatically.

N-Play logo

N-Play integrates with Facebook’s ad platform to target users there based on a number of criteria like; geo-location, user data, and other variables built into the N-Play algorithms. Agents who sign up for what amounts to Facebook’s agent-buyer connect, can not only see and be seen, but they can build listing campaigns for as little as $2 bucks a day. We know from our own SM efforts at PR and marketing, that Facebook ad campaigns are actually the most economical, and some of the most effective “traffic” commodities in SM. As for conversions, our data is not in on the straight ROI yet.

Just for fun I tried to sign into the app, testing the security of the platform as it were, but only agents can sign up. This is a good thing, less unscrupulous marketers enter the matrix and foul the waters. It’s actually pretty easy to see why N Play is the top dog where Facebook apps for Realtors go.

To see the full list of apps from N Play, here is the link to that listing on Facebook. For agents the list includes; Agent Join, Find An Agent, Property Pins, Agent Promotions, Win An Ad Campaign, Ad Home Search Agent Referrals, and more. For consumers, Find a Home seems most interesting, but there’s also a Home Tour app, as well as a Find An Agent one. Brokers are not left out either, nor are Realtor associations.

The video below “pitches” N Play best actually. It is a unique way to engage across the real estate space. If I have one complaint it is this. Any tech company, particularly one so focused on Facebook, should have absolutely NO blurry images or other mishaps in their profiles. I hope someone at N Play reads that.

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