Now You Can Measure Engagement With LinkedIn

LinkedIn is trying to prove to its 300 million users that it’s more than just a digital resume platform. The social network is offering a new Content Marketing Score tool, which can help companies measure their audience’s engagement with the content they post beyond “likes” and clicks.

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The new tool measures unique and engaged members to help judge what type of content works and provide insights into the topics they want to follow.

For example, a “Trending Content” tool ranks the topics that resonate the most with specific LinkedIn audiences. This allows users to tailor content and become more relevant to individual audience segments. The tool also allows users to see which audience segments are sharing the most content on certain topics and compare their content to the competition’s brand.

The platform also allows users to publish content in multiple ways on the site, such as through LinkedIn Groups, company updates, employee posts, sponsored updates, and writers’ posts. Users can test several methods for content delivery and then view a breakdown to see how content performed across platforms to find which one may be most effective.

“To lead their industry on LinkedIn, brands will have to supply users with meaningful, intentional, and goal-focused content,” John Hall, CEO of Influence & Co., a brand-building company, writes for Forbes about the new tool.

“This data takes the guesswork out of content marketing. When engagement can be measured, content will require a long-term strategy to reach its targeted demographics – and the content provided must be something those audiences find valuable.”

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