Canada Real Estate Site Aims at Overseas Property Listings

In International real estate news, is aiming to be the “go to” website for investment properties in certain regions around the world. The real estate portal, based in Toronto offers, investors an online listing of listings, some distressed, from markets in Spain, Brazil, Turkey, India, and across the Caribbean, among others.


Property deals overseas can be a boom - courtesy Overseas Cafe

The economic downturn has affected markets around the world, stunting markets in some sectors, and causing a boom in others. Price being the determinant, there are many opportunities to capitalize Internationally, if not for domestic realty in the US. is ideally positioned to focus on such opportunities, and according to their press release today, the company has over 2,400 registered sellers.


Lofty Villas competition, Rightmove Overseas lists thousands of properties

Taking a look at the site though, it’s clear to see Loftyvillas has pretty lofty ideas for a Web 1.0 real estate portal. The site is awful, but we can give them the nod on having a nice inventory.


Lofty Villas' listing pages, informative, but not cutting edge.

Looking at a few of the properties listed, it seems obvious that this company has a pretty vast network, or at least an inventory of listings. Their stated mission, via the press release, is to become “the leading online source for international investment properties.” If that is the case, I would suggest some web design, social media help, marketing assistance, and a few others concepts they have neglected. If an OpenPR release is good enough to get RealtyBizNews to visit the site, maybe this was the sole intention of LoftyVillas? Don’t we feel tricked? Not really.


Property Frontiers listing - a bit more refined if not razor's edge listings

For people searching for investment opportunities overseas, is not a bad choice. For a bit more of a cutting edge feel when searching, the reader might want to opt for Property Frontiers (screenshot above), or Property Abroad is another decent choice for user friendly overseas property searches.

For more information about, please consult the website, the original press release, or optionally call: Chandra Rajaraman at – 1 647-339-0926.


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