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Podcast Marketing: A Gold Mine for Real Estate Agents

By Ben Shepardson | February 9, 2023

Are you considering podcast marketing as a real estate agent but aren’t sure if it’ll be effective? Almost 90% of podcast listeners believe ads they hear on a podcast are effective. Moreover, over 55% of listeners have purchased something after listening to an ad.

The bottom line? If you’re a real estate agent looking to take your business to the next level, podcast marketing could be just what you need. It’s an increasingly popular tool for reaching prospective clients and growing relationships with individuals in the industry.

Read on as we explore three key ways podcast marketing can benefit real estate agents and give advice on how to get started.

What Is Podcast Marketing?

Podcast marketing is the process of creating podcast content to draw in a target audience and encourage them to buy or invest in a product. Unlike other forms of advertisement, podcast marketing focuses on the personal connection between a brand and the listener by providing engaging conversations and interviews with experts about various topics.

Plus, podcasts allow listeners worldwide access insights into products and services that otherwise wouldn’t be available, making podcasting one of the most successful types of marketing. And finally, the podcast market is growing at an astounding rate, making podcast marketing an attractive option for real estate agents who want to connect more deeply with their customers.

However, making a podcast isn't the only option. You can also rely on podcast ads.

Podcast Ads

With podcast ads, connecting with your desired audience is very easy and cost-effective. Namely, they give real estate professionals access to an established market of listeners. However, you also get the bonus of having these listeners pay extra attention, as podcast ads are audio-based. In this context, you're reaching people who are already engaged.

The personal and creative aspect of podcast ads makes them stand out compared to other advertising types. This allows real estate agents like yourself to entice customers in new ways. Plus, did we mention how cost-effective they are?

Benefits of Podcasts for Real Estate Agents

If you're not sold on the cost-effectiveness of podcast marketing, it's time to explore other benefits of this type of digital marketing. Whether you're selling houses or looking for buyers, here are three main benefits of podcasts for real estate agents.

Reach New Audiences

The unique thing about podcasting is that you can reach listeners worldwide. Creating and promoting content on various platforms will help new listeners discover your services. Plus, they're a great way to explain what services you can provide for them. You can also make valuable connections with other real estate agents, expanding your reach like never before.

Demonstrate Expertise

In today's saturated world, it pays to be an expert. Anybody can make content online, but only those who can demonstrate their expertise and authoritativeness will succeed. After all, we're all pretty tired of fake news. You can naturally show off your expertise via a podcast or podcast ad. Chat about what makes you the best and help boost your brand image.

Higher ROI

Finally, podcast ads have a particularly high ROI. For example, you've likely heard that PPC is one form of digital marketing with a 2:1 ROI, right? Up until now, it's been one of the best forms of digital marketing for those looking for a high ROI. However, one recent study found that the ROI on podcast ads is $2.42 per every dollar spent (slightly higher than the 2:1 ROI of PPC).

Content Ideas for Podcast Advertising

How do you go about creating content for podcast advertising? It's different from real estate ads you might place on the radio or social platforms. This is because listeners of any particular podcast are already engaged in the content. While this removes some of the work, you'll still need to create compelling content to convert.

Team Up With Another Realtor

When creating a podcast, teaming up can help build authority and credibility. It also provides valuable networking opportunities and increases brand visibility. Going it alone can feel like doing double the work, given that creating content and executing promotions on your own can be a lot of work.

Bringing in another realtor provides an extra set of eyes to review material and ideas, and teaming up with someone with different skills or perspectives could take your project to new heights.

Capitalize on Existing Audiences

If you'd rather invest in podcast ads, research a podcast's audience thoroughly. For example, you don't have to stick with real estate podcasts. Let's say you sell luxury homes over $1 million in North Carolina.

In this case, finding a podcast with primarily North Carolina listeners who fall into an income category that would allow them to purchase your houses is helpful. Or, let's say you sell houses to people who flip them. It might be best to check out a home renovation podcast and pitch an ad to their listeners; after all, you know they're interested in renovation projects.

Offer Helpful Tips

Content is still king, and with so much noise, listeners want real value from anything they consume. Whether you start your podcast or invest in ads, always offer something of value. Typically, it's best to offer high-value tips and industry insight first. Show the audience you care that they learn something, then tell them how you can help.

Using the example above, let's say you're trying to attract young couples looking for houses to flip. In this case, you can create a podcast episode about how to find the right properties. Walk them through the steps. Then, create another episode talking about the legal aspects of flipping houses. Ultimately, offering high-value content upfront will help you convert them later.

Learn More About Real Estate Marketing

Podcast marketing isn't the only route real estate agents can take when it comes to digital marketing. Paying for real estate ads online and investing in other digital strategies can have a big impact, too. To determine what's best for your real estate business, read our other helpful marketing insider articles.

Ben Shepardson is a Realty Biz News Contributing Writer and has a long track record of success in online marketing and web development. While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems, he worked doing enterprise-level SEO and started an online business offering web development services to small business customers.
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