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Property Renting: What to Know When Renting an Apartment in Texas

By Jamie Richardson | October 29, 2021

The time has come for you to move elsewhere and just the thought of searching and finding the right place might cause you anxiety. But, don’t worry, with the right guide you’ll be on your way for a more relaxing and informative journey of finding the right apartment for you and your family. Texas has become one of the fastest population-growing states since 2017, and the cost of living and job opportunities have been quite convenient for many.

Below are some of the things you might want to consider before moving to Texas.

Give yourself enough time to search for an apartment

Searching for an apartment is never easy, and that’s why many people become overwhelmed, and sometimes even fall for scams. It might take you several months to find the right fit, but remember, patience is a virtue. The first thing you should do is decide on a location, meaning which city or area in Texas you would like to move to, and the rest is easy.

For example, if you’re looking for a place to move in with your family, you can add Lewisville to your list, since it’s a great place to live with children and has booming job opportunities. Looking for Lewisville TX apartments for rent can be easy if you know exactly where you want to live whether it’s in the center or the suburbs. Take your time browsing all the places you find attractive and gather all the information you need.  

Ask plenty of questions

Once you’ve found a couple of places you consider attractive, take the time to visit them in person and ask the landlord all the necessary questions. Before signing a lease, you must know everything about the apartment itself, neighbors, amenities, and such. Consider the noise levels when you tour and ask about how it is living there during winter and summer. Also, ask about the water pressure and if you can try to see for yourself.

There’s no shame in asking plenty of questions since you’ll be the one living there for a few months or a year. You can make a list and be specific with all your concerns to get better answers. Find out if there are things that need to be fixed, and whether the landlord will fix them or you have to hire someone else. All of this is important so you can get a full grasp of the price and what extra you’ll be needing to spend.

Gather your documents and plan your budget

There is specific information that many landlords require from their tenants along with the rental application. This may include rental history, credit score, proof of income, past landlords, and references. Don’t be surprised if there are any additional expenses like application fees, and only apply for 2 bedroom apartments you’re truly interested in.

Remember to plan your budget wisely and don’t forget about upfront costs. You can make a list and consider the budget for a security deposit, and the first and last months’ rent. In case you’re moving in with a pet, you’ll need a pet deposit for a pet fee, as well as the first and last months’ pet rent. Take your time to search for all the important information and the different kinds of payments you should make before moving to a new place.

Prepare a checklist of essentials and organize your move

When renting an apartment you should also consider your essentials before you move in. Once you’re done with the paperwork, you can start thinking about furnishing your new place. If you’ve done this before, it’ll be easier to figure out what you need, but in case you’re a first-time apartment renter, then you would want to make a checklist about the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and other things in the apartment.

Once you signed your lease and are ready to move your belongings to your new place, it’s time to think about the moving options. Don’t forget to discuss the earliest move-in date with your landlord, and ask for help from your family and friends to ease your load. Look for a good moving company, and remember to set up utilities. Some utilities require an in-person visit, so make sure you schedule everything ahead of time.

Final thoughts

There are plenty of things that should be considered when one decides to move to another place, and remember to take your time and do your research right so it would be less stressful. You can ask for advice from someone who’s already done that, or you can turn to a helpful internet guide that has all the right information you need. And remember, deep clean the new place before you move in.    

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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    1. I agree that searching for an apartment is a big deal. That is why it is important to give yourself time and it could take several months. I like that you said to ask all of the questions about fixing things and any extra charges.

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