PropertyMetrics helps real estate investors create more accurate proformas

When it comes to real estate investing it’s essential to review a dependable proforma so as to be able to evaluate the profitability of the property you’re considering.

But buyers must beware, as sellers often try to make that cash flow look pretty by hiding flaws and oversimplifying any worrying complications with the property. As such, coming up with a proforma that estimates and calculates everything accurately is must for any cautious investor.

With that in mind, a company called PropertyMetrics has built a web based platform that’s designed to help investors come up with a proforma that includes evaluation and analysis. With PropertyMetric’s software it’s possible to analyze any property in minutes, from any device. This means investors can quickly generate a quick cash flow proforma, perform a cash flow analysis and generate PDF reports from anywhere, in a matter of minutes.

The software is compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

It’s possible to create a proforma quickly for any income-producing property. The software also takes into account complex leasing terms and rent escalations, lease expirations, reimbursements, tenant improvements, market leasing assumptions, commissions, and even renewal possibilities.

Users can make changes to their assumptions at any time, in real-time, in order to get a feel for different assumptions about a particular property. They can also generate cash flow projections for banks, clients and other investment partners.

Once a proforma has been created, PropertyMetrics uses analysis software to automatically calculate financial metrics such as the internal rate of return (IRR), net present value (NPV), cash on cash return, gross rent multiplier, debt service coverage, breakeven occupancy, and more.

In addition to its software, PropertyMetrics also offers courses in commercial real estate investment taught by industry veterans. The firm’s website also hots a useful blog that offers tons of investment related advice.

Check out PropertyMetrics now for more information.

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