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Rapid Home Solutions Launches $1.75 Million Indiegogo Campaign

By Allison Halliday | June 20, 2013

Rapid Home Solutions (RHS) has just launched a $1.75 million campaign to produce one, 1,600 square foot house an hour, via an assembly line. It intends to erect one house on site per 24 hour period.


The sustainable housing manufacturer is based in central Florida, and has launched the campaign in order to bring forward a new patent pending construction process allowing the manufacture and assembly of single family homes that are designed to withstand category-5 hurricane winds. Each home will be 1,600 square feet, and will have three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The homes are insect proof and fire resistant, as well as being water proof up to the window sills or to the top wall sill plate, with optional water proof doors and windows.

The unique method of construction of this home reduces the costs by more than 60%, and construction time is reduced by more than 95% compared to conventional stick-build construction methods. These savings are passed on to the home buyer. The company's website has 11 customizable home models listed with an additional 26 models currently undergoing design study for systems and process compatibility. The fact that these homes can be rapidly constructed and are designed to be category five hurricane wind resistant make them a perfect disaster relief application. RHS will initially offer these homes domestically in the affordable housing market, but intends to provide domestic aid to disaster stricken areas in need of emergency housing. Eventually if full domestic needs are met, the company intends to enter the international disaster relief market.

RHS has also launched two progressive programs. One is their "Partnership in the Homeownership" program that will fast-track renters who wish to buy a home, and who have either sufficient credit or the financial resources to meet all the down payment and closing costs requirements. The program will provide the services necessary to repair credit, establish new credit lines and accumulate the funds required at no upfront cost to the buyer, allowing them to take occupancy of their home.

The RHS "Partnership in the Homeownership PLUS” program is aimed at current federal entitlement recipients. These are people without a full-time job, but who would like to own their own home. This particular program has an employment package with RHS designed to sustain the family's home ownership and financial stability in the middle-class sector of the national economy.

The plan is for the company to offer 1,000 of these packages of which 300 will be the "PLUS” variation. America's military veterans that meet the qualifying criteria will receive first consideration.

Steve Diaz, CEO of RHS said, "We're excited to introduce this innovative construction process to the nation. The rapid construction capacity, coupled with either our "Partnership in Homeownership" or the "Partnership in Homeownership PLUS” programs will allow us to offer homeownership to American citizens that up until now, have never been able, or given the chance to become homeowners."

Allison Halliday is a Realty Biz News contributing writer. She handles International Real Estate and is a seasoned blogger.
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