L.A. Police HQ Expensive Real Estate Lemon

Los Angeles shiny police headquarters yesterday received a big thumbs down from the Downtown Breakfast Club, an L.A. based group which dishes out annual rewards for achievements – and disasters – in the world of real estate.


LA Police Building

LA Police Administration Building. Image courtesy of aecom

The real estate club yesterday handed out a “lemon” award for the police administration building for having the shabbiest appearance of all government buildings in the city during its yearly Roses & Lemons prize giving ceremony.

The $450 million building, which opened in 2009 and occupies a whole block down on 1st Street just opposite the City Hall, was considered to have grounds that are far from perfect – in fact, it was labeled a garbage-strewn eyesore by many, according to the club.


The Lemon

The Lemon Award. Image courtesy of LA Downtown News

“The only groundskeepers we saw were a few volunteers, and they didn’t do much” said the club in a statement.

The Los Angeles Police Department declined to comment on the ‘award’.

As well as shaming those who are less than proud of their appearance though, the Roses & Lemons award ceremony also aims to distinguish a number of accomplishments in the L.A. real estate world, with numerous “rose” awards being doled out.


El Dorado Hotel

The refurbished El Dorado hotel. Image courtesy of Style Typepad

One of the biggest winners was the El Dorado hotel on Spring Street. Built in 1914, it was recently restored and converted into luxury condominiums.

Other winners include South Park’s Hygge Danish Bakery, the Urth Caffe located in the Arts District, and the Historic Core’s Bolt Barbers, which is famed for serving beer to its customers and offering police officers a holster-shining service.


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