Real estate pro Lee Mintz goes the extra mile to land her clients

Good real estate agents know that sometimes they have to go to extraordinary lengths to land their clients, and for one L.A.-based professional, that means amassing a vast collection of Air Jordan sneakers.


The Wall Street Journal reports how real estate agent Lee Mintz lands numerous celebrity and professional athlete clients simply by showing off her huge collection of sports shoes.

Ms. Mintz, a real-estate agent to Los Angeles-area athletes, has a stunning 26 pairs in size 5 1/2 men’s.

“A woman that wears Jordans, she’s considered “cool” to her clients”, Mintz said.

While her work uniform is built around stiletto heels, it’s the Air Jordan’s that are the best conversation starter for when Mintz bumps into her clients.

“I’ll wear the Jordans and they’ll be like, ‘Whoa!’” she told the WSJ.

38-year old Mintz said that most of her clients are athletes, a trend that begin when she was first asked to help a former Golden State Warriors NBA star find a luxurious bachelor pad. She also has a number of other Hollywood celeb entertainers on her client books.

The WSJ reports that Mintz owns seven pairs of Air Jordan 3s, which happens to be a personal favorite of this writer. And just as well too, for Mintz also understands the golden rule among sneaker lovers – that is, if there’s a single scratch on them, they’re gone!

“If you get one scratch on them, you can never wear them again,” she insisted.

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