Recent Report Finds Apartment Costs Rising Sky High

According to a recent report by ListFinder, an online mailing list search tool, renting an apartment is at an all-time high, and vacancy rates are less than 5%. ListFinder has found its mailing list data for apartment renters is increasing as less people are buying condominiums and homes, even though the cost of renting is now at its highest rate in more than five years.

The sky-high cost of renting an apartment

Larry Organ, CEO of ListFinder says “Renting is the increasingly popular choice as a result of the recession. We are seeing an increase in demographic data available for those consumers in our database.”

It is easy to see the appeal of renting as it helps to avoid the costs associated with home ownership such as property maintenance as well as having a mortgage. Direct marketers targeting these consumers promote products and services that appeal to apartment and house renters such as moving services and insurance. Marketing professionals looking for quality data are able to utilize List Finders simple search tool in order to find mailing lists in a variety of categories. Consumer and business market lists contain telephone, postal and e-mail data.

ListFinder’s renter mailing list data includes Home and Apartments Renters, Wealthy Renters by State, Home and Apartments Renters with Children, and Home and Apartment Renters in Connecticut. is an online, searchable database for list owners and managers where users can search by channel, such as e-mail, phone or postal address, or by keyword or list popularity. It is a user-friendly search tool that incorporates community feedback through use of ranking systems and social media.


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