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Reliable Methods to Protect Your Property from the Thieves

By Mike Wheatley | April 28, 2021

Valuable things need to be protected. Your land and all things in it should be taken care of and protected, just like any other property that you own. Your home is the most valuable property that you own and therefore should be protected as well. Property fluctuates and sometimes appreciates. Regardless of the value of your property, it is important that you protect it from thieves. It does not matter whether a burglar strikes while you are home or when you are away. You have to take measures that ensure your property is safe all the time. If you own a rifle, you can visit Scopes Reviews to learn more about guns, or you can get the information from the top magazines on the internet so that you are aware of the best ways to use weapons to protect yourself and your property while also learning how to shoot best with resources from sites like Allaboutshooting online. We also highly recommend getting high quality iron sights for your rifle.

This photo illustrates a burglary or thief breaking into a home at night through a back door. View from inside the residence.

In this article, we shall discuss some of the best methods you can use to protect your property. Remember those modern thieves are educated and crafty. As such, you must come up with reliable methods that can assure you of safety all the time.

Here are reliable ways to protect your property from thieves:

1.     Secure the doors

The doors into and out of your properties should be secured. Remember that 34% of burglars come into your property through the doors. To secure the doors, ensure that they have strong frames and protected hinges. For those doors that have a mail slot, ensure that someone cannot reach it through this slot. Some thieves could take advantage of the mail slot to unlock or break into the house through the door. To improve the security of your home, you may want to invest in security doors.

Those moving into a new residence that was previously occupied should change the locks. Buy and install the best locks in the market just to be sure. Hire a commercial locksmith to help you install high-quality locks in your property. You can also reinforce the doors through the following ways:

·        Install a deadbolt and add a suitable strike plate.

·        Upgrade the doors with smart locks.

·        You can boost the security further through a video doorbell.

It is a fact that intruders love sliding doors since they are easy to compromise. To counter this, ensure your sliding doors are protected. A dowel or a window bar can be used in the tract to ensure this door cannot be force-opened. You can add a glass-break sensor or a door sensor to alert you when the door sensors are tampered with.

2.     Lock the windows

Doors and windows are the most vulnerable entry points for thieves into a house. You should beware of manufacturer latches on the window. These are not always reliable. As such, you may want to beef up security using key-operated levers. You may also want to add another layer of security to your windows by doing the following:

·        Window glasses can be reinforced with security film.

·        Install glass and window break sensors.

·        You can add window bars.  

3.     Light up the landscape

Burglars and vandals like working under the cover of darkness. Ample outdoor lighting can do the trick here. Your front and back yards should have enough security lighting so that people with ill intentions can be skittish. Remember that enough lighting in your compound is good for your ease of movement too. Here are ways to get the best of your outdoor lighting:

·        Motion-activated lights are recommended.

·        Use solar-powered lights to help you save energy.

·        Outdoor lights can work better if put on a timer.

4.     Beware of the garage area

The garage area is a very vulnerable entry point into your property. The thieves may not necessarily access your house through the garage, but they can as well steal any stuff in the garage. All doors to the garage should be locked always. Schedule a garage door maintenance on a regular basis to ensure your garage door is in top working condition. Keep your garage door security code secret so thieves do not compromise it. Here are more ways to improve garage security:

·        Use a smart garage door opener.

·        Cover garage windows so that stuff inside will not be visible.

·        Use extra locks to secure the doors.

5.     Set up a suitable security system for your property

Your home or any other property should be under some form of a security system. Whether a DIY system or a professionally installed system, ensure it has home automation. There are many home security systems you can choose for your budget and your required level of protection. In choosing such a system, consider the needs of your house and that of your neighborhood. If not sure, contact your local police for statistics about the kind of crimes committed in the neighborhood. This will give you a better evaluation of the security system suitable for your needs.

6.     Eliminate hiding places

Make sure there are no hiding places on your property. Trees and shrubs are good hiding places for thieves and burglars. Trim them down. Smaller flowers are better for curb appeal while eliminating hiding locations at the same time. Trees near windows should be cut down. You may also choose to reinforce such windows to burglar-proof them.

In conclusion, the security of your property should be a concerted effort of the whole family. As such, all family members should be educated regarding the security needs and the possible risks to the property.

Mike Wheatley is the senior editor at Realty Biz News. Got a real estate related news article you wish to share, contact Mike at [email protected].
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