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Remodeling for Resale: 7 Kitchen Upgrades to Increase Resale Value

By Jamie Richardson | July 16, 2021

Is your well-loved home showing signs of wear-and-tear? Has your property’s wow factor waned over decades of housewarming festivities, birthday extravaganzas, and pow-wows with your immediate family? If so, a good old-fashioned home renovation may be calling your name. 

During the beginning stages of home resale, sellers should prioritize kitchen remodeling efforts to pique the interest of potential buyers and ultimately boost their home’s overall value. However, it can be challenging to distinguish between renovations worth zeroing in and those renovations that will send your home-makeover budget spiraling down the drain. 

While certain upscaling ventures, like bathrooms or front yards, can make all the difference once your house has hit the market, other endeavors like bedroom overhauls or solar panel installation aren’t worth the price tag. 

One makeover that can launch your home value to new heights is the kitchen. Known as the heart of the home, the kitchen serves as a hub for home-cooked meals, family bonding time, and dinner parties aplenty, making it an excellent suitor for high-quality upgrades. That said, you’ll want to apply caution to your upscaling efforts to sidestep wasted money from frivolous upgrades like outdated tile flooring and overpriced high-tech appliances. 

If you’re looking for a guide on which kitchen remodeling options are worth the splurge, read on for seven worthwhile kitchen upgrades that are sure to boost your resale value. 

Install a dual fuel range

While purchasing a complete set of overpriced appliances may not be worth the time and money spent during your kitchen remodel, swapping out your old, grimy stovetop with a new-and-improved dual fuel range can up your resale value without draining the bank. Duel range stovetops offer the best of both worlds with gas ranges and electric ovens for an elevated cooking experience. Gas-equipped toppers allow cooking enthusiasts more control over food preparation without compromising the quality of oven-cooked food, with the electric interior heating dishes evenly. 

Add splashes of colorful paint

When it comes to catching the eye of potential buyers, perfectly curating a color scheme should sit at the top of your upgrade list. While you should be selective and cautious with paint swatches to dodge clashing designs, popping in a splash of color works wonders in the kitchen. Brighten up your space by selecting complementary colors, considering wood stains and appliance sheens, and balance out neutrals with bright, colorful accents. 

Replace outdated, dim lighting 

One fool-proof way to amp up your kitchen before resale is to swap outdated, dim lighting for eye-catching, bright light fixtures. Well-lit spaces often sway on-the-fence buyers as a change in lighting can completely reinvent rooms, taking your kitchen from dull to incandescent with the switch of a light. Choose between exciting geometric fixtures or opt for a more dramatic feel with drop-down pendants sure to draw in prospects. 

Revamp your kitchen cabinets 

Although scuffed and scratched cupboards are the sign of a well-used kitchen, wear-and-tear is offputting for potential buyers. Consider revamping old, worn-out kitchen cabinets with a proper paint job and hardware upgrades to dodge possible deterrents and spice up your space. Simply restaining or adding a fresh batch of neutral paint can drastically improve tattered cabinetry, and installing modern hardware will be the cherry on top of your remodeling efforts. 

Upgrade your kitchen sink

While a conventional stainless steel sink does the trick for scrubbing dishes clean, potential buyers often overlook standard models, preferring statement sinks as a replacement. In recent years, deep, porcelain farmhouse sinks and under-mounted double-basin fixtures have become a staple in modern homes. So consider swapping out your traditional basin for an elegant statement piece to draw in buyers looking for stylish touches.

Install or refinish hardwood floor 

While traditional tile flooring was popular during the early 21st century, homeowners have begun opting for hardwood refinishing in their kitchens for added warmth and style. Consider installing hardwood paneling or refinishing older, scuffed floors to draw buyers with an eye for wooden finishes.  

Wrapping up

Send your resale value through the roof by revamping the heart of your home, taking your kitchen from basic to elegant with a few simple switches.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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