Remote working enables more Americans to move to cheaper areas

Americans who move to new areas are finding that they’re being given more opportunities to telecommute as employers try to convince them to remain in their jobs.

That’s according to a new Redfin study, which found that telecommuting is enabling many Americans to relocate to areas with more affordable housing while keeping the same salary.

“The job market is very tight and employers want to hold on to people, so companies are much more willing now to allow workers to move,” said Daryl Fairweather, Redfin’s chief economist. “Plus, technology has enabled employers to let staff work remotely in a cost-efficient and productive manner.”

Redfin’s survey covered 272 U.S. residents, and found that more than half of them either sometimes or always work remotely since moving in the past year. About one in seven said they wouldn’t have been able to move if they weren’t allowed to telecommute.

The study indicates that the growth of remote work has enabled far more people to move to areas with more affordable housing. It found that areas such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle were the most commonly moved-away from, with the most popular destinations being Phoenix; Sacramento, California; and Portland, Oregon.

Younger respondents tended to have more opportunities to work remotely, according to the survey. Of those aged 38 or younger, 55.5% said they work remotely sometimes or always following their move. Of those who’re aged 39 and above, just 49% said the same thing.

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