Rihanna Files Lawsuit Against Real Estate Company


Rihanna files lawsuit against realtors. Image courtesy of Bob Xu - Flickr

Pop star and sex symbol Rihanna has launched a lawsuit against the real estate company which sold her Beverly Hills mansion to her, claiming the property has been left uninhabitable due to a number of serious structural defects.

Rihanna accuses the agency, Prudential California Realty, of not disclosing the property’s defects before she agreed to purchase it. She says that heavy rain caused water to leak into the 10,000 sq. foot mansion from a second floor balcony that doesn’t have suitable drainage, before seeping into a number of rooms in the house.

The lawsuit charges the seller with failing to properly disclose defects in the mansion before the sale was agreed. She’s also accusing Prudential California Realty of failing to perform due diligence on the property, and says that it should have provided her with sales information regarding similar properties in the area. The agency should have known about the property’s “extensive construction defects”, says Rihanna.

The pop star is also suing Landmark Design Group, the firm she hired to remodel the home, saying it failed to carry out repairs to the defects.

Had she known of the defects in the home, Rihanna claims she wouldn’t have agreed to pay the $6.9 million asking price for the home back in 2009.

So far, both Prudential and Landmark have declined to comment on the lawsuit.

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