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Selling tricks – when they might not be such a great idea

By Mike Wheatley | November 12, 2014

It goes without saying that as a seller, you will want to do everything in your powers to increase the value of your property and that you will try your best to raise that asking price. You will often hear from experts who claim that you can make quick fixes, so-called staging tricks that will not cost you a dime and that will up the price.

Selling tricks – when they might not be such a great idea3

While this may be true for some fixes and little things that you can do around your property, there are also staging tricks that will fool no one and that will result in an opposite effect – your prospective buyers will notice these tricks and they will think that there is so much wrong with the property that you need to rely on such tricks.

Damp issues

If you are selling a house, especially an older one, it is likely that you might have problems with damp in the cellar as well as other parts of the house you are trying to sell. You might think that you could cover these up without addressing the underlying issue by repainting the trouble areas or by installing panels that will hide the damp.

In reality, every buyer will be looking for any signs of damp and if they notice even the slightest problems, they will realize what you were trying to do. This will instantly turn you into a liar and someone who is trying to scam the buyer. Instead of going for quick fixes, you should seriously think about actually fixing the issues that lead to damp problems, such as checking the insulation, fixing blocked drains and repairing any problems with the plumbing.

Noise issues

There are properties that have noise issues. For instance, the sound insulation in the apartment building may not be the best. Or, the train lines are quite close to the property. God forbid, your house might be located below an air traffic corridor. You might also have particularly loud neighbors; it does not matter.

You might be tempted to only accept buyers' visits during the quieter times of the day or try to hide the noise by playing music when the buyers come to visit. This is a trick that might work once or twice. However, if the buyer becomes interested in purchasing your property, they will want to see it a few times more and if you continue to try and mask the noise, they will see through it. The only advice that we have for you is to be honest about the noise.

Not-so-airtight fixtures

Fixtures will become less and less airtight as time goes by. This is especially true for older wooden fixtures that will not only become less airtight but also lose their looks. One of the most common tricks before selling a property is to repaint them and try to hide the fact that they are older and perhaps not so well-fitting.

The ideal solution would be to fix them up properly or even change the fixtures before putting your property on sale. However, we understand that this is not always possible and if you are worried about them, let the buyer know. They will know how to appreciate your candor. It's always better than trying to hide this fact which is actually very hard to hide.

Lame staging tricks

You would not believe what people do when staging their home for the buyers. Some buy plastic fruits to put out, others set up entire dining tables and even put petals in the bedroom or the bathroom (not many but there have been cases). Do not do this. It reeks of desperation and it can be very, very lame and off-putting. It is much better to simply tidy the place up, make sure everything is in working order and clean.


About the author: James Burbank has worked in marketing for years, including real estate marketing. He loves to write about what he has learned. He always goes to LPZ Plumbers Sydney when he needs advice on plumbing issues. James is a father of two and an NBA fan.

Mike Wheatley is the senior editor at Realty Biz News. Got a real estate related news article you wish to share, contact Mike at [email protected].
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