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Smart Home Technology Is Often Introduced as a Gift, According to New Study

By Allison Halliday | January 6, 2018

A new study has discovered that many homeowners are eased into smart home technology by receiving items as a gift. Apparently, they most enjoy having a technology that easily fades into the background yet enhances their home by providing an element of fun or by streamlining family tasks.

The study, carried out by Scripps Networks Interactive discovered that “peace of mind” was the main reason why homeowners invest in smart home technology. Other motivators included moving home or renovating. The study discovered that practical luxuries make the best gifts and that receiving or giving an item that is tech related feels like a recommendation from a friend.

Apparently, personal recommendation is the main source of inspiration for smart home products. Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed reported that they loved having the latest and best technology in their home. Integration was also important, with one respondent replying that their Amazon Echo was so integrated into their life that they no longer think about it. They received it as a present when their father bought several for the family.

Consumers also enjoy the fact that smart home technology can bring peace of mind. Nearly 85% used smart home tech for personal tasks and for fun, while more than 75% thought it helped them to be a better parent.
Life events such as renovating a current home or moving into a new home or an increase in family income can trigger smart home technology purchases.

Some consumers will actively plan to integrate smart home technology with their new home, making the purchase a priority. Just over half of the Baby Boomers surveyed and 64% of Millennials replied that smart home technology makes them want to spend more time at home, while an even higher percentage of both groups agreed that technology makes their home easier to live in. Approximately half of the Generation Xers and more than three-quarters of Millennials surveyed viewed an easy setup and ease of everyday use as being important in deciding which home tech to buy.

When it comes to kitchen gadgets, smart home tech is considered nice to have but many homeowners aren’t interested in connected appliances. They often feel skeptical about the usefulness of kitchen related tech, although automated cleaning devices are popular.

Allison Halliday is a Realty Biz News contributing writer. She handles International Real Estate and is a seasoned blogger.
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