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SmartZip adds smart CRM functionality and a mobile prospecting app

By Mike Wheatley | December 11, 2015

Predictive marketing technology provider SmartZip Analytics Inc. has redesigned and enhanced its flagship real estate software product, SmartTargeting.


SmartTargeting now includes a real estate focused CRM technology that lets agents easily keep track and stay connected to their top seller prospects while they are both inside and outside the office. A stand-alone CheckIn app, which now comes standard with SmartTargeting, helps agents track, schedule and prioritize follow up actions such as phone calls, emails, door knocking and other common outreach activities from any mobile device. Automated follow up workflows called "CheckIns" keep agent accountability high and help them to build critical relationships with homeowners. The app syncs data and contact insights from SmartTargeting so real estate professionals can have more educated conversations with prospects, and keep track of their most important daily follow up actions to streamline their business and close more deals.

"We are extremely excited to introduce this game-changing smart CRM technology to our customers," said SmartZip president and CEO Avi Gupta. "The real estate industry is thirsty for insightful outreach and productivity tools that allow agents to narrow their focus and work smarter. The all-new SmartTargeting gives real estate professionals the opportunity for automated, streamlined follow through, which is critical for expanding their listings business."

Smarter CRM technology, with accompanying mobile app

While SmartTargeting has always offered seller predictions for agent territories, the platform now includes smart, flexible CRM features and a mobile prospecting app, CheckIn. Top priority contacts, including new leads and those analyzed to be mostly likely to sell, are elevated across the interface, and agents are urged to connect with these top prospects via follow up activities called "CheckIns". Using the mobile CheckIn app or its desktop version, agents can follow a daily checklist of pre-scheduled CheckIns, including phone calls, emails, door knocks and door drops. Deep insights are provided for each contact, giving agents valuable information for each interaction.

Checkin app

When an agent performs a CheckIn and captures relevant notes, photos or videos, the activity syncs automatically across SmartTargeting and the mobile CheckIn app. These CheckIns can be reviewed later in each contact's detailed "Activity Stream" to know exactly what happened, when and where, so the most effective action can be taken to move the prospect closer to a deal. Soon, team leaders and brokers will have full visibility into the CheckIn actions of each agent so they can keep them focused and accountable to maximize their results.

"As a veteran in the industry, I know that agents have two major pain points when it comes to following up with listing prospects," said Steve Kunkel, an agent with Keller Williams in Atlanta, Georgia. "The first is that we don't always know who to focus our attention on each day. The second is keeping track of our follow up — what we did last and what we need to do next. It's difficult to log every step we take. Even the best agents can let business fall through the cracks when they get busy."

"By using the new SmartTargeting and the CheckIn app, I see both of those issues being resolved," Kunkel added. "I know who I should talk to, and I know deep details about them, from their home's value, to reasons they might want to sell, to their past interactions with my marketing. Not only can I use these insights to inform my conversations, I can quickly record each follow up in a few taps. It makes my job so much easier and I feel confident that I'm putting my best foot forward to win their business."

A mobile-first SaaS Platform

In the newly redesigned SmartTargeting platform, agents can work from any device to view their local seller predictions, select and deploy automated marketing campaigns, and view deep home and homeowner insights like demographic information, marketing interactions, selling intent and more.

"We have applied our expertise in big data, predictive analytics and cloud-based software to craft a unique, smart CRM technology that has the potential to change how agents follow up with potential homeowners and especially sellers," said Gupta. "With the new SmartTargeting platform and mobile CheckIn app, industry professionals will be empowered to narrow their focus, follow automated workflows and use insights to build relationships and close more deals."

Mike Wheatley is the senior editor at Realty Biz News. Got a real estate related news article you wish to share, contact Mike at [email protected].
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