SMS, Apps or Email? Customer Engagement Strategies Analyzed [Infographic]

Businesses could pour a ton of resources and thought into a marketing campaign, but unless it delivers a return on investment further down the line, it will be deemed a failure. Having an excellent message or offer is not enough. Marketing teams have to get that message across in such a way that the customer base being targeted will want to engage with it.

One of the most crucial aspects of any marketing campaign is how you deliver it to your target audience. That means choosing the right channel of delivery based on the message being delivered, the nature of the response being sought from its audience and, of course, the key demographics of the target audience. For example, if you’re offering tickets to a pop concert as one of its main sponsors, your best bet is to use SMS or apps, as the target audience is likely to consist chiefly of teenagers and young adults, who are far more likely to respond to a text or an instant message than an email.

Irish company Neon SMS created this infographic which compares the three communication channels of SMS, apps and email from a marketer’s perspective and pinpoints the main advantages and disadvantages of each. Read below to see which one you think is the most effective.


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