Snaptrends Releases Version 7.0 of its Social Media Monitoring Software

Snaptrends is a leading provider of social monitoring software and it recently announced the release of version 7.0 of its cloud-based platform.

This is the seventh major version of Snaptrends and it contains a number of feature enhancements. It will create an even more streamlined and intuitive experience for users, allowing them to easily discover, analyze and share social media insights.

Todd Berry, Chief Technology Officer for Snaptrends said “We design everything with our customers in mind, and Snaptrends 7.0 is a prime example of how we take customer feedback and incorporate it into future developments and innovations.”

“Snaptrends 7.0 represents a major breakthrough in the discovery of location-based social insights” said Eric Klassen, Co-Founder and CEO of Snaptrends. “Now, social media content is easily discoverable and can be analyzed alongside thousands of other datasets which are all available through our deep integration with Esri.”

Snap  Trends

Snaptrends 7.0 not only improves performance and workflow, but includes the debut of several new features to help simplify the process of gaining in-depth insights from social media data. The latest version will be able to view all searches in one place with the combined results page. Users can organise searches in customizable and shareable folders and can create live streams from one or more saved searches. They will be able to bookmark posts, view summaries and take other actions inside streams. Topic tabs can be used to explore trending topics within searches. There will also be the ability to block people across accounts.

The aim is for Snaptrends 7.0 to equip users with a host of functionalities, allowing them to quickly and easily gain a big-picture perspective of their social media data and the ability to organize it in new ways. Snaptrends enables companies from every industry to harness the power of their social media data so they can make better informed decisions.

Snaptrends, an Austin-based company are pioneers of geo-social intelligence and the patented location-based software helps companies identify and locate trending topics, key influencers and relevant conversations across a broad array of new social networks. It has easy-to-use tools allowing users to quickly customize, analyze, visualize and organise social media data.

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