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6 Great Uses for That Spare Bedroom

By Guest Author | November 2, 2012
rent out spare bedroom

Make use of that spare room!

That way, you can tailor the room to fit your needs, not the other way around. Here are a few alternative uses for a spare bedroom. Whether you need a new area for work or play, these ideas will transform empty space into a useful room.

1. Home Theater

Families still gather around the TV to enjoy movies or shows together, but large, flat-screen TVs can have problems with glare. Instead of darkening the entire family room, use a spare bedroom. Paint the walls dark and use heavy drapes for a movie-theater experience. The best part is that a special theater room can cut back on your family's casual TV watching and encourage alternative, more active hobbies.

2. Game Room

You don't need a whole arcade to create a family game room. A pool table or card table creates a great focal piece for a casual space where everyone can get together and play. Collect board games, and stock a mini fridge full of healthy snacks for a room the whole family will enjoy. Families with video gamers can gather together a few bean bags and couple baskets of spare controllers to create a loungy gamer's paradise.

3. Home Office

More people than ever are working from home. A dedicated space cuts down on distractions and boosts productivity. Repurpose a closet into bookshelves or file storage with separate shelves for work and home papers. Stock up on the supplies you'll need and keep them apart from the rest of the household items so that you can better track your work expenses. Hang some whiteboards or bulletin boards to keep yourself on track, and let your family know that the office is off limits when you need to work.

4. Home Gym

Home gyms don't have to be filled with tons of equipment. A treadmill or other cardio machine, combined with a set of dumbbells, will fill most people's workout needs. If you like gym classes but hate the membership dues, set up a small TV and try following along with some workout videos. Buy a cheap water cooler, set up a shelf of towels, and never worry about having to hit the gym again.

5. Craft or Project Room

Whether your hobby is sewing, painting, drawing or just general crafting, it probably takes up a lot of space. Get organized with a spare room: Use closet shelves to organize supplies, and set up a large table for a workspace. A dedicated craft room will let you leave out unfinished projects without them getting in anyone's way or being disturbed.

6. Playroom

Kids get messy when they play; why not give them a space where they can leave their toys out without tripping anyone? Fill a playroom with toys and durable children's furniture, and cover the walls with fun murals. Invest in stain-resistant carpet or just lay down some durable canvas so that messy projects don't cause a headache to clean. The kids will love their special space!

Whether you want to keep the extra space for yourself or create a room for the whole family, it's easy to turn a spare bedroom into something more functional. Often, it's just a matter of moving around furniture or items that you already have. All you need to do is pick an idea for inspiration and go!

Jay Harris is a regular contributor to Home Depot’s blog and a Home Depot sales associate. He provides advice to customers on home improvement ranging from extension cords to home automation.

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    1. Excellent work indeed. Any of them would look great in a nice frame, on a wall. I don't think it's the kind of thing that looks as good on a screen. For simple me, those first impressions signal it as art more than anything I could be told about it. Love to see the ones that didn't make the final cut.

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